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Old-Growth Trees in Michigan

“You’re in charge of the last of the Truffula Seeds.
And Truffula Trees are what everyone needs.
Plant a new Truffula. Treat it with care.

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FORESTS & CO - Overview


Forests play a major role in the global carbon cycle, contain a substantial proportion of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity, and are valued for the services they provide to society1,2. 596 more words


The romantic idea that forests were totally unimpacted by humans until a few centuries ago is a misconception, at least for Europe. When defining a forest like primeval, pristine or virgin, authors have often claimed those forests were never subject to human impact, although this approach may be misleading. 1,161 more words


Return to Mount Rainier and a First Visit to Mount St. Helens

Mount Rainier is a majestic part of the Seattle skyline. That’s, of course, when you can see it through the precipitation and heavy cloud cover that characterize our weather most of the time. 854 more words

West Coast

Douglas Fir Burl (Mount Rainier National Park)

Along the Grove of the Patriarchs in Mount Rainier National Park, there is a fallen old growth Douglas Fir that is easily hundreds of years old. 19 more words

West Coast

The Hidden Forest

It’s right in the midst of a city and thousands go past it every day without even seeing it.  It’s Schmitz Park in West Seattle and it’s one of the first places I walk when I visit my daughter.   324 more words

Why is Christy Clark Poisoning British Columbia?

Christy Clark does not work for the people of BC, and nor does she care about us.  Christy works for Corporate Canada, and they will make a lot of money by poisoning us.  281 more words

Corporate Canada