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Anxiety Rant

I am able to deal with my anxiety everyday because I stick to a routine. The only thing is that if my routine gets changed or interrupted, my anxiety is overwhelming. 278 more words

rattle rattle sonic translation

Rattle rattle, I am looking further forward and in my mind it sounds like a spraycan being shaken… I look towards the sound and it’s an old lady, bent over from age, the jerky movement of her body shaking her keys as she walks


Restless Nights

It has been really hard for me to get a good night’s sleep lately. When I wake up in the mornings I feel tired and my chest feels really heavy, like I’ve been smoking. 513 more words


Old Ladies, Juventus, and Etymology.

Recently I learned the fact that Juventus FC is also lovingly called Old Lady by its supporters, which in essence was an anticlimax, given that I had spent the past few days figuring out some connection between word roots in English, German, Hindi, Sanskrit, Italian and Spanish, with respect to the word… 369 more words


Old Age is NOT a stigma!!!


Old Age is NOT a stigma!

I decided to talk about this because ageing is not being dealt with correctly. When I say correctly, I mean with a correct attitude, of both the ones getting older and the ones around them. 169 more words

Old Age

Episode 380: Heading South

I just had to share this little story with you. At work this morning I was introduced to another new patient that had come to the ward yesterday whilst I was on a day off. 152 more words


When you google "Old People"

Despite the fact that I had awful heartburn all day and felt like my insides were going to rip themselves out of my body, I was able to take my 2 dogs (Theo and Ollie) to the dog park. 1,137 more words