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Old Lady

they called her “old lady”
if only they knew…
that little old lady
who lived in the shoe

by chance met a stranger
one dark autumn night… 41 more words


She Was Eighty Seven

Her quavering voice touched me;
Said she was eighty seven
And she stays on her own.
She fought with cancer;
He took a quarter of her lung… 118 more words

Reaching The Stars On Paper

Portrait Of Beacon Hill

For those of you who know the character, (characters?) of old line Beacon Hill. This matron peaking out suspiciously from her classic doorway says all you need to know.


Weekly Photo Challenge : Pedestrian

Honestly this was one of the prompts that I used to eagerly wait every single week till a couple of years back and I hardly missed posting any during that time. 198 more words


Old lady blues!

When the drag show you stumble upon at a street festival, and all of the performers have a better shape than you. Wah!



In the lines of her face, were the memories of a long life. Etched into each wrinkle and freckle, scar and mark were all the years she had lived. 625 more words

Original Fiction

And then Some

A very thin

Very fragile woman

Worked at a laundromat

From ten to six

Every day that passed

At eleven and five

She’d leave the mat… 139 more words

Panty Junkyard