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In The Hospital

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In the hospital
What’s the matter?
They are busy and I lie here
Can’t decipher all this clatter.

Pain is deep
But not a smatter… 61 more words


The Smile-1

The window seat was always his favorite seat. He just loved the gushing air blowing his hairs. But today it was not about his choice or wish, it was a requirement. 590 more words

Short Story

Fate and Fortune

Jacob pulled out onto the road, heading home from the school he had attended for two years. His finals were over, and his time with the school was over. 960 more words

Mind Your Own Business Old Lady

Alright. Let’s talk about the ladies. The little old ladies. Those senior discount, thin-lipped, tainted teeth, good little old ladies you meet one fine Tuesday morning while grocery shopping, a car seat in one arm and fainting good will in the other one. 840 more words



Sometimes we are very insensitive to the things happening around us. We do not notice how our actions impact on others or what others feel about it. 479 more words


Saving for Retirement

Dearest Reader,

There comes a time in your young adulthood journey where someone points out that pensions are so 1985 and that you will not receive one. 455 more words