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I need to work on this whole adult thing.

At about 5pm it dawned on me that I had no one waiting on me. Boy was at a team swim dinner and was then heading to his high school basketball game. 886 more words

Little Old Lady who?

Well, I thought I was done with the antique toys we have but Joyce reminded me of one more.  The story behind this is that her grandmother went for a visit to the family homeland in Sweden sometime in the early 1900’s and brought back this wind-up tin toy.   269 more words


Blue Hair

Sofra dyed her hair cerulean blue.

She was already yelling ” No not electric blue, not ocean blue, not sky blue, just…normal blue.” Sofra was to learn that day that salesladies have no idea what ‘normal blue’ is unfortunately so she spent almost a a ridiculous amount of thirty minutes at the azure section of hair products. 1,969 more words

stop the madness (billy emo's mom gets involved)

Scene: Clemmy reached out to Billy Emo’s mom in the hopes of her helping stop the feud. She wrote an open letter and read it at Randall’s open mic night. 491 more words



I like millennials.

Well I like some millennials.You know, those 20-something to early 30-something people who are everywhere now.

I’m in the process of buying a bike from a millennial store owner. 297 more words


Pistol-packing grandma chased unsuspecting armed intruder from her home – ‘not sure’ if she hit him 108 more words


The "Short" Answer

Have you ever been pushed so far to the breaking point and someone says something to you and that’s the straw that breaks the back of many camels? 611 more words