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"I'd rather be called a 'cow' than a 'Maam'!"

Let My Laughter Resound!


It was the second day of my sophomore year. I had barely started, what would become my education at the Fountain High School for the next three years. 1,868 more words


News Flash: Snap discovery rocks scientific community to its core

We now interrupt your important stream of cat pictures and videos of people watching other videos/opening stuff to bring you this important public announcement.

Early this morning Dr Gerald Jeerif of Funstible Tech made an unprecedented discovery. 246 more words

The Reasons Why I Will Die An Old Maid

1. I am picky.

I am picky in almost everything except for food. When I don’t like something, there’s no way I will ever like it. 2,105 more words

Birthday detox blues

On Thursday I will celebrate my 39th birthday. I say celebrate but that is only on account of the customary phrase; at the moment I certainly am not feeling particularly like celebrating. 548 more words

Who Are We

Old maid

Blonde woman in short skirt was crossing the street. I was in morning walk with my friends.  Cloud full of perfume entered into my nose, woman passed next to me as walking circus. 686 more words


Dykes, old maids and the summer of 66

This summer, British television has been reliving the glory days of 1966, when London was swinging and England’s footballers won the World Cup. My own memories of the year are rather less glorious. 2,479 more words

Ironies of life

“In my life why do I smile to people I much rather kick in the eye?”- The Smiths

I am an introvert since birth. When the doctor slapped my butt I didn’t react. 445 more words