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"It Didn't Look That Big When We Started"




  1. a small hill or mound.

    synonyms: mound, small hill, prominence, elevation, rise, knoll, hummock, hump, dune;

    bank, ridge, knob;


    “the lovely green hillocks in the distance”

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What If This Isn’t My World?

Years ago, when I was about eight years old, I remember laying in my white canopy bed with frilly, pink bedding, thinking, “How did I get here, in this body? 1,075 more words


Spinsters Are Us

As I was growing up, I was taught that girls who did not marry were considered to be spinsters or, as they are better known, old maids. 874 more words

DL Bach

Life is Short, Live it Now

Throughout time, people will come into your life, and people will leave your life. Some may be around a lot, some may just spend a moment. 761 more words


Waiting for Happily Ever After

Once upon a time, I wanted a family of my own. I can’t say that I “wanted a husband,” or that I “wanted children.” I wanted the whole package. 939 more words


Loud Ain't Hi Tempo

64 degree, limited humidity, 13 men (6 for 2 lake loops EC)  for a little Kryptonite this am.  Flag planted, no FNGs.   Select a partner.   Cape and Boxing Gloves did not last long.   260 more words


The Low-Hanging Fruit

My birthday is just around the corner. It’s not really important which one it is (once you’re over 40, it doesn’t seem to matter anymore). While driving a friend to work, he reminded me of the impending day, and I had to hear about how I’m “old.” It’s worth noting that he is only a year younger than me, and (as standard practice) dates women young enough to be his daughter. 804 more words