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Old age creeping up & Jilly makes a decision

So Tom, the ‘older gentleman’ I saw last week, didn’t want to play after all. It might have been the chest pains (indigestion as it turned out) or that I told him I was happy to fuck him if he let me teach him a bit. 1,027 more words

News ain't good in the Jillyhood - and I make a new friend

Y’know how Jilly was on the OJ at Halloween? Yeah well, maybe you don’t, I barely do only I saw it in what I wrote (that party!). 984 more words

Impassive object inscrutable force

It’s not all fun and games being paid large sums of money to have loads of sex, despite my best efforts. On occasion it can be as much fun as doing your tax, no, this isn’t about shagging my accountant for a discount, I’d have to do that for a week with the amount that he charges and there are somethings that should remain professionally platonic. 1,185 more words


A View to a Kill (1985)

Genre: Action/Adventure

Cast: Roger Moore, Christopher Walken, Grace Jones

Synopsis: Bond must prevent the dastardly Zorin from destroying Silicon Valley. Also there’s something to do with racehorses which takes up a lot of time but it didn’t really seem integral to the story. 811 more words


old man sex

So we no problem face and say old man sex him, would you like it over. He pulls his huge the hair her throbbing at John in my come here excitement. 509 more words

Old Man Sex

How Matlock got his groove back-

Q: Zach!

Yup I could use a hand here-  My dad is 82,  partially senile and in a retirement home. The nurse recently told me that, he is quite the ladies man and has slept with a growing number of the other residents.  361 more words


Old Man Cock

Dear, Miss Information,

For some reason Nerve isn’t letting me post this comment on your most recent awesome advice column.

Can you help and get it posted? 479 more words