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a flip through old memories

I took a short break to go to my home country and visit my family. We all lived in one big house and when I go back, I still go and stay in my old room. 186 more words

What's On My Mind

Old Memories

I just went through the storage space above my closet and cleaned out tons of paperwork and threw away a while garbage bag of crap. As fulfilling as that was, it was not the thing I was most grateful for. 180 more words


Sleep Walking

I spent nine years in the Marine Corps.  There are many stories I could tell about my enlistment, but I suspect something would get lost in the translation, as they like to say. 624 more words

Old Memories

// from the past

Hi. I noticed you, from all the way over here… I vaguely recognise you. But I don’t know you.Not anymore.

Would you be my friend, still? 150 more words


In The Dream

Tiny droplets of water,Swirl in the rain

Relishing my mind and brain 164 more words


Talks of sound (आवाज़ की बातें )

Do you recognise sounds? I am pretty sure you must do. When we were kids, we had a sound to associate with everything. There was a sound for every emotion and every memory. 238 more words


Honestly progressive railways

As I started to earn my own food, I started believing more in Air Travel. A part of me makes me think that many did the same. 618 more words