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That moment when you see someone and all the amazing memories come back. Its tough forgetting about someone who moved on already. Its sadder to see them with someone else besides you. 18 more words


The best thing you could ever give someone is your time because you’re giving them something that you’ll never get back…

Samayalai jasaigare pani rokhna sakidaina..asti varkhar 2071 saal lai swagat gareko jasto laagcha..ek barsha bitisakecha. 328 more words


Dual boot for the pc

During my last year in college, we were assigned to a computer lab and with 2 students sharing 1 pc. I had no problem with that as my partner preferred to use his laptop so I was the one using the pc most of the time. 165 more words

Old Memories


The Christmas season began. Few years ago, my father took the whole family to a arts and crafts store Michael’s. Bonding for us was driving around the neighborhood. 174 more words


Ink,papers,stories and blockages

I stare long….longer…enough. The page is still white and I wonder where to tap, which letters. The letters run through my eyes black buttons,white shapes, but where are the words, the stories. 491 more words

Writer's Block

Where am I ?

You came in the dark of the night, and you left before the sunrise. You gave me memories and you gave me love.  But then you left and your memories remained. 36 more words