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iCe crEAm Wala..

This word would work like a charm for me when I was small. During those summer days this Ice Cream wala (Ice Cream Hawker) would act like Santa Clause for us. 332 more words

Old Memories

4. The night had fallen

The night had fallen on the town, the river and the land. Along the curvy narrow road that led through the fields to the city, an old man, slender and fit, was riding a black bicycle. 1,169 more words

Short Story

The Pyramid of Austerlitz...

At the highest point of the Utrecht Ridge, in the Dutch village of Woudenberg, stands Europe’s only pyramid. The 36-meter-tall earthen hill was built in 1804 by Napoleon’s soldiers, under the direction of General Marmont as a tribute to his friend and example Napolean Bonaparte (although Marmont betrayed Napolean later). 325 more words


படித்து நெகிழ்ந்தது ..." மே /பா காமராஜர் தலைவர் சத்திய மூர்த்தி பவன் "

எட்டயாபுரம், பா.நா.கணபதி எழுதிய, ‘நினைவுகள்’ நூலிலிருந்து:

ஒரு முதிய காங்கிரஸ் தியாகி, சென்னை அரசு மருத்துவமனையில் சிகிச்சைக்காக சேரும்போது, தன் பெயருடன், மே/பா. காமராஜர், தலைவர், சத்தியமூர்த்திபவன், சென்னை என, பதிவேட்டில் எழுதி கொள்ளும்படி கூறினார்.


Removing The Cobwebs: Crawford Marke

Removing the cobwebs revealed this old picture of Crawford Market in Bombay. You can see the scratches of the film.

I shall not remove them. I shot this one, using my beloved Olympus OM-2n. 44 more words


Cartoons oh cartoons!

The childhood seems lost. It escaped in the process of growing height and attaining body weight. It disappeared in the clouds of maturity and believing that the fantasy existed only in the fantasy itself. 291 more words

Interesting Stuffs

Certainly no snakes

If there is one thing I cannot forget about Rotorua, New Zealand, it is the air. I still remember the moment we got out of the car, the Sulphur-filled air greeted us. 112 more words