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An Old Man's Poem

I started a poem the other day.

I waved the pen that I held in my hand..

No, it was a pencil… to muster Words. 133 more words


Crusty Bark

Today I am trying something that Amaya, from Gospel Isosceles, came up with after reading my post on Five Loaves and Two Fish. She thought this would be a great new form of poetry, to write with five syllables in the first line followed by two syllables in the second. 77 more words


Christmas episode of the day

We all know these feelings, but, in  most cases are too scared to really let people know how we feel. So, here are a group of Brits letting their feelings be known. 7 more words


The Old Man

The old man sat on the top step of the porch and watched the movement of children as they played tag. His vision was bad and he squinted attempting to see. 697 more words

Old Men

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against old men.
Actually, baby boomers do have a lot to answer for as a species, and there’s the whole men-are-mostly-creepy-and-shouldn’t-be-let-out thing. 206 more words


Old Dogs, Old Men

Old dogs and old men.
Lost in their dreams.
Days of running, chasing.
What was her name, anyway?,

Once, I knew someone
back when my legs used… 220 more words