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A Recipe for Disaster

If you enjoyed the first episode of our new web series Fanboy to Farmer then here’s a little tidbit to tide you over until the next.   18 more words

Old Ones

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn - Polygons and Polygrams.

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn – Polygons and Polygrams.

Hexagon – power of the Hexad operating in nature by the dispersal of the rays of the Planets and the Zodiac emanating from the central Sun. 455 more words


Bookworming: "Tales From Lovecraft Middle School 1-3"

It’s been quite some time since a book review has shown up here, and maybe it’s the right time again after writing about the sad death of Terry Pratchett… 724 more words


My Love Affair with Lovecraft

I’ve got a new literary boyfriend and our relationship is definitely heating up. I mean, he keeps me up at night and I think about him all the time. 637 more words


Richard Houghten: Saving A Life / New Mexico 7" (lathe cut on clear vinyl)

I got this one from Richard yesterday (and yes, Richard, I have enjoyed this one a lot!). Instrumental folktronica, as this beauty is described on BandCamp. 46 more words

Old Ones

Don't let the acts of Muslims terrorists turn into a cause against religion in general

Something I’ve noticed is that when Muslims terrorists do something bad, many leaders and commentators in the west try to avoid blaming Islam for the event.   537 more words

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I think I know the source of all human problems!

There’s two sources of man-made problems: inequality and greed.  I consider greed to be relatively simple here, so let’s focus upon inequality for just a second.   195 more words

Politics & Philosophy