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On a Mysterious and Unusual Book

As recently as our last post, we described the excitement we feel when an interesting item from our collections is brought to our attention by a reader or customer. 522 more words

Treasures & Discoveries

Lovecraftian magic

There are numerous magicians who make use of Lovecraft’s Cthulu mythology as a basis for the invocation or evocation of energies and beings. There are even infamous versions of the fabled ‘Necronomicon’, with Simon’s perhaps the most well-known. 337 more words


The Confirmation of the Existence of Gravity Waves and What this Means to the Old Ones

This week some pretty big news was announced in the fields of physics and astronomy. Specifically, for the first time ever gravity waves were detected. Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves but no empirical data was ever collected to confirm this until this past week. 283 more words

H.P. Lovecraft

Points of Light Halloween Edition: H.P. Lovecraft

Happy October, loyal readers!  Welcome to Lightrider’s annual Halloween Month, where we spend our time looking at the contributions of horror to the writing toolbox.  And to begin this year, we’ll be looking an author whose work has already been profiled on this site, the creator of the Old Ones, H.P. 774 more words


Autumnal Equinox -- September 23, 2015

How swiftly the days seem to speed by at this time of year — as the days shorten and our weather cools to a crisp and chilly temperature, we are reminded that our holiday season will soon be upon us. 503 more words

Astrology Notes

What is Hollow Earth?

Perhaps one of the strangest ideas about the nature of our planet is known as Hollow Earth.  The idea isn’t a new one but is certainly unique – that there is another civilisation existing within the earth with only a few select entrances from below to above scattered around the globe.  925 more words

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