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Big Black: Atomizer LP

Here’s one album that altered my state of mind years & years ago, A-T-O-M-I-Z-E-R. My journey with Steve Albini started around 1994 when John Peel played “At Action Park” on his radio show (still have some of those shows recorded on cassette). 65 more words

Old Ones

Nocturnus: The Key LP

Haa.. one more step closer to my goal collecting back these oldies I once had. Found this Nocturnus album from my local record store and there was no excuse not to grab it along. 62 more words

Old Ones

Massacre: From Beyond LP

Massacre on my mind. After listening our downstairs neighbor yelling on the phone, his walking, his banging, rattling, clinking, drilling, continuous furniture moving around the apartment, his arguing with his wife in the middle of the night.. 63 more words

Old Ones

Pantera: Cowboys From Hell LP

Those were the days my friend.. Actually this is the only Pantera’s record I have ever own, and that’s fine to me (been thinking of purchasing “Vulgar Display Of Power” for ages though.. 90 more words

Old Ones

Circle: Fraten 2xLP (orange)

Fraten was released on CD format back in -97 and it was about the time some one to release this on vinyl, Full Contact Records is that company. 103 more words

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Unsane: Visqueen LP

This has been on my rack for ages and just realized that I haven’t mentioned this masterpiece here on my blog. Thing is that I didn’t knew anything about this band when I heard “Against The Grain” for the very first time.   44 more words

Old Ones

‘Manchester By The Sea’ Director Pens Scathing Op-Ed Defending Casey Affleck

Kenneth Lonergan, the writer-director behind “Manchester By The Sea”, is coming to the defense of actor Casey Affleck and himself after an article argued the director was complicit in the cover-up of the actor’s sexual harassment actions. 369 more words