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BECAUSE OF LOVE; Out to Pasture, Together

I am yielding my usual “blog post” in part, to allow you to read a true story. Because I am now one of the “Old Ones” this touched my heart in a special way as my children, loving and well meaning as they are, do not always understand the choices we make. 1,492 more words

Inside The Shadow Booth (Press Release)

Greetings from the Valley of Hinnom,

Our good friend Dan Coxon is bringing forth an anthology for the ages. We encourage you all to support them by any means possible, and make sure to check out the… 275 more words


Killing Joke: Absolute Dissent 2xLP

Please don’t throw rocks at me… This is my first album from Killing Joke. I blame Metallica that I have skipped this band till this very day. 138 more words

Old Ones

Funebre: Children Of The Scorn LP

As some of you might already know I’m a huge fan of early death metal (mainly from late 80’s & early 90’s) and I’m trying to hunt down those treasures from that era. 125 more words

Old Ones


Greetings from the Ethereal Plane,

We present to you our interview with Jeff Johnson, author of “Spidering Down an Alley,” which is featured in  1,637 more words


Bolt Thrower: In Battle There Is No Law! LP

Yesterday my Bolt Thrower collection grew up with one album, In Battle There Is No Law. One of those albums that formed my music taste years & years ago. 97 more words

Old Ones

Three pack of Cannibal Corpse in my face!!

Few months ago I purchased this three pack. Never thought that someday I will have any records from this band in my collection.. and was so wrong. 124 more words

Old Ones