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Morbid Angel: Altars Of Madness LP

One more original copy to my collection. I bought this from the same vendor from whom I have bought all those previous treasures. Have to admit that back then Morbid Angel wasn’t one of my favourite bands, don’t even ask why because I don’t have answer for that. 75 more words

Old Ones

Thoughts on Lovecraft

I bought The New Annotated Lovecraft to become more familiar with the pop culture icon “Cthulu”. I knew nothing about Lovecraft as a person, his work, or his ideas, and his more personal opinions which are more antiquated than the Old Ones’ castle in At the Mountains of Madness (He was a racist for clarities sake). 808 more words


Terrorizer: World Downfall LP

Look at this beauty! I never had a possibility to purchase this album back then, local record store in my late hometown never had this one from Terrorizer available. 91 more words

Old Ones

Triptykon: Eparistera Daimones 2xLP

With Triptykon I have to admit that I haven’t listened this band in ages even though this album has been on my “wantlist” like forever. Few days ago I saw that this original version was available on my local record store for very reasonable prize. 73 more words

Old Ones

Sepultura: Schizophrenia LP

Back to basics. I had this record years & years ago and like all other LP’s I got back then, I sold this one too. Silently I have been hunting down all those precious thrash/speed/death metal albums and fortunately I got this brazilian version about a month ago. 73 more words

Old Ones

Pan Sonic: Aaltopiiri 2xLP

Those who have visited this blog of mine earlier surely know my fixation about Pan Sonic (perviously known as Panasonic) & Mika Vainio with all his aliases. 66 more words


Hashshashin: nihsahshsaH LP

Actually I’m not that big fan of math/prog rock but after hearing few songs from this album I just had to give this one a chance. 93 more words