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I just can't believe she said that

My grandmother’s reaction to Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party: “What’s she doing with all those black men?” Seth Rogen was in this episode… She paid no attention to him at all. 6 more words


The Ask Jeeves Question 

Back in the early 2000s a lot of crazy things happened. For the sake of brevity (no pun intended Japanophiles), I will only focus on one of these bizarre, surreal aspects of the early 2000s: Jeeves. 388 more words

Probably the Worst Movie I've Ever Seen

Last night I went to see Rings, a spin off of  The Ring. When I was in about 4th grade I accidentally saw The Ring. This was probability the worst idea for an 8 year old to do, this film horrified me so much as a child. 210 more words

Make Me Laugh

You mad? Here’s a cape. Now you can be super mad.

you are not fat. you have fat.

you also have fingernails. you are not a fingernail. 55 more words


A kid at 78

I’m old, they say.

Behave your age, they say.

Eat properly at your age, they say.

Don’t strain yourself.

Don’t go out too much.

Dress appropriately. 59 more words

I Can See Clearly . . .

Old people’s eyelids are so thin that when they close their eyes and tell you they’re “just resting their eyes”, they’re really still watching you.



“You see, it was better back then” folk often like to say.

sunshine was somehow brighter, there were 25hrs in a day. 121 more words