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I saw a little old lady

I saw a little old lady

She walked by me on her way

To the ashtray she picked up

She turned and smiled

A greater smile… 62 more words


Deeply Depressed

this was triggered by me searching for a decent house for my family & me. Being 53 & my husband 63 & in the market for another house has me deep in depression…& then I found this…& it doesn’t help,but might help someone else.


You grow old because you stop playing.

We all have heard about how we need to live the moment and enjoy our life everyday. Because this is not a rehearsal my friend! But how many times do we actually live the moment, let our hair down and dance like no one is watching. 671 more words


I passed an old lady

on my way

I smiled at her

She gummed a smile at me.

I saw her weary wrinkles

soften for an instant. 46 more words


Stuff my grandfather says

Love is sublime and can’t be sublimated.

(Remember that sublimation has meanings in both a social context and a scientific context. Old people can be really witty.)


Drinking Tea Every Day Keeps Dementia Away

Do you remember the proverb: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”?  Today we could say: “A cup of tea a day keeps dementia away”. 342 more words


2 Stuffed Dogs

The old man took 2 stuffed dogs to the Antiques Roadshow…. 
“Ooh!” Said the presenter, “this is a very rare breed, have you any idea what  15 more words