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My mother-in-law

Travel is coming up, soon. This weekend, in fact. My mother-in-law is 78 and she lives alone in the coastal town of Calicut in Kerala. This whole Covid scene has been tough on her, but she’s a tough one herself. 457 more words


What Would YOU Do? ......... Devious Abuse of an Elderly Woman

There is an 86 year old woman we’ll call Anna who has resided in Bronx New York all of her adult life, she visits relatives in Pennsylvania making monthly trips on the bus to get there. 538 more words

What Would You Do?

The League of Sedentary Gentlemen #30

The Father and Cousin Jade join me for this one: Cousin Jade travels half way across the country (again). Do you enjoy listening to old people talk about old people problems? 14 more words


The old age home...

Today’s experience was an eye opening one. I visited an old age home where old people where living in miserable conditions. They were sitting together and were singing religious songs. 238 more words



I met my friend Mary when I was fifteen years old. Our friendship was different than most. Mary was ninety-three years old when I met her. 597 more words

Stories For Younger Ones

Granny has another rant.

Hello All.

Yes, I am pissed off.
We are being ruled by a bunch of old people without an ounce of commonsense or logic.
We are now back on a curfew from nine at night. 223 more words


Old ties.. ❤

I respect the feelings,

Of anyone..

But please ask yourself,

Where were you

When I was all into you?

Now, when I have found my one true love, 243 more words