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Avoid the rollercoaster at all times.

As I have said in previous blogs, living with an AP is similar to riding an emotional rollercoaster. I am discovering the hard way, needless to say, that it is necessary for self preservation and good health both mentally and physically to not react to difficult situations that arise. 379 more words

Stress Kills

It’s a calm Sunday afternoon. In Sefton Park there is the food festival, Michelin star chefs over there and bands, something I’d be at if not for one thing. 350 more words


On Comedy

I’ve been thinking lately about the importance of comedy, of humor.  Last week, a math teacher and I sat with our freshmen advisees, and we drew up a list of community norms we’d like to adhere to in our advisory sessions.  808 more words


The threat of death is a powerful thing

Old people are like me. They think they will die soon so they do not care, little by little they regain their consciousness. Fascinating, the most human you will ever be is in old age and about to die. 19 more words


My back pages

I am probably, hopefully, not even halfway through my life. I don’t consider myself old.

Then you get people who are functional adults and somehow they are as much as 15 years younger than me. 509 more words

Age Differences Middle Age.

Old people homes

Where are the young peoples homes? A question I find myself asking quite regularly. There are plenty of new old peoples home popping up round where I live. 507 more words

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