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Why We Need Old People: The Gift of Perspective

In 1992, the movie Prelude to a Kiss (based on a play of the same title) debuted with an interesting twist of the Freaky Friday theme of two people switching bodies. 487 more words


Here's why you should appreciate old people

I did not have patience for old people a few years ago.

When they were ahead of me in line at a grocery store writing a check instead of using a debt or credit card, I’d sweat with anger. 1,048 more words


Seven Reasons to not throw Watermelon Peels this Summer

Watermelon peel is the outer skin of watermelon and has a greenish-white border.

This part of watermelons we almost always throw away, but we are not aware how much benefits it has. 335 more words


A Boring but Useful Anti-Aging Article

Old age eventually comes to all of us regardless of wealth, status, gender or creed. A well adjusted individual is able to accept that they are getting older each day along with every other human being on the planet. 401 more words


Grandma’s secret recipe for pink gin

James’s grandma, Mrs Biggs, lives in an old people’s house. She is now ninety-four and yesterday it was her birthday. I’ve only seen her a few times, when she was still living in her own house in Fowey. 783 more words


Cyber Sunday: To the old farts, LMGTFY — 3.24.19


I made a comment on a Facebook post (always an unwise choice), and I used a very common Internet acronym: fwiw. I also used the word  444 more words

Cyber Sunday

The Beast in the Cellar (1970)

This is not how to treat your family.

Ellie and Joyce Ballantyne are two old sisters living in rural England. Ellie seems to be on the simple minded side, possibly always childish but also possibly sliding into dementia. 612 more words