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At Brookfields

when’s the tea coming no no its coffee now what’s in the cup it’s coffee cold still full that must have been this morning’s when’s the tea coming I hope it’s not those bloody custard creams again it was nice to see Kathryn is she my wife oh no it won’t be she must be my daughter but she didn’t stay very long I don’t like the fat black woman who brings the trolley round no no I mustn’t say that turn the radio on there it is I’ll Keep You Satisfied Billy J Kramer & the Dakotas Lennon/McCartney I remember it made number four after a number two and a number one Bad to Me turn it up can’t hear it Peter next door banging on the wall screw you where’s my earbuds where’s my earbuds WHERE’S MY FUCKING EARBUDS ah in the drawer is that where I normally keep them condensation on the window I’ll climb on the chair to wipe it no it’ll happen again and I’ll get into trouble and they’ll tell Kathryn why doesn’t Emma ever come or was that Emma who came today she sometimes comes Wednesday afternoons is it Wednesday today last night asking the questions David Mitchell last night wasn’t it no the night before or did I watch it on catchup go out and play rummy no that finished I think no one else remembers the rules or they forget they’re in a game stupid old gits and wander off rude I know Duck Soup I’ll watch Duck Soup and fast forward to when Groucho comes in battery flat damn where is charger WHERE IS CHARGER oh in wall as usual bet it’s bloody fish tonight it’s always bloody fish it’s dark outside was it dark when I looked at condensation don’t know, what time is it six o’clock tells me nothing must be winter then morning or evening feel tired might go to bed when’s the coffee coming or is it tea bet it’s bloody tinned tomatoes for breakfast it was nice to see Kathryn

Creative Writing

The Ones Who Call

Answering the phone at work is one of my favorite activities. I already like talking on the phone, which is more than many people can say. 1,395 more words


Poem: Music Quartet four: Thoughts in the Early Evening, on Listening to John Cage's Sonatas and Interludes by Light from the Streets

Lazarus seated in the heart

The soul in the breath
Spiralling through the passages
In the lungs

The soul in the hair
Spiralling out ten thousand follicles… 738 more words


Old people

Kris: You know what pisses me off? Old people, they are slow, arrogant and they think they own the sidewalk.

-Like pregnant women?

Kris: Like old people that are a waste of space, food and water. 59 more words

The BINGO Catastrophe

Over the years as an activity professional at a local nursing home, I have become well-acquainted with BINGO. Too well-acquainted. I tell my family that if I ever go to a nursing home and begin to play BINGO, they will know that I have officially lost my mind. 1,261 more words

Nursing Home

That's snow way to treat a lady

So storm Emma has fecked off, the beast has gone back east and homes all over Ireland has enough loaves of bread in their freezers to do them until next Christmas. 316 more words


How's My Driving?

Old people are my favorite.  In general, I have nothing but respect for them and the fact that they grew up in a world so different and in many ways so much more difficult than the one we live in today.  475 more words