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That Is What It Means Tho

I dream that I’m coming back home after school, on the stairs I meet two smiling Brazilian women carrying coffee. They give me a cup for free, it’s piping hot and I spill most of it, but it’s sweet and delicious. 199 more words

My Uncle Lives There It's Okay

I dream that my father wants to sell our mountain house, I’m so devastated I want to sabotage the whole operation. Four potential buyers arrive, dad gives them a fresh watermelon from our garden. 95 more words


any person in 2020 who doesnt have a social media account is considered old,boring or even nonexistent.

Perhaps they dont even exist, I mean every frea… 363 more words

Grandma's Laugh

Image by Marisa Bruno

I don’t know where Grandma came from, but it must’ve been somewhere, and wherever it was, it surely wasn’t here.

She had the faintest trace of an accent, which seemed to recall the gloomy pines of the Black Forest, or maybe the foothills of the Carpathians. 1,317 more words


Why So Serious?!

After last blog many people asked me why are you writing so serious blogs? I assume that all of them have seen the latest Robert Pattinson’s (the Twilight actor ladies) Batman trailer and was missing THE JOKER and his iconic line “Why So Serious?” Like many others I am still not over the Christopher Nolan trilogy but at the same time it’s Batman! 924 more words

What Hit Me!

Tender eyes to reality: the possibility of beautiful grandeurs

I am currently reading “Anna Karenina”, written by Liev Tolstoi, and one of its passages left a huge impact on me: the character Dolly was having a happy moment with her children all around her, while another character, Liévin, was walking into her direction. 722 more words