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Life gets busy, folks. For that reason, today’s post is coming in the form of one of my favorite poems. Perhaps if I have a minute to my self later, I’ll post something more substantial. 300 more words


Lines composed waiting by the telephone

around this time i am idle

propped against the pillow

that props against the wall that

connects me to the house that

connects me to the world when… 140 more words


Time-Capsule: The Way You Go About

No matter the medium, it’s always fun painful amusing interesting to take a look back on your old work.

I began writing regularly in high school. 933 more words


Child of Stone

I wrote this years ago but it’s quite nice to look back and reflect on how far I’ve come since then. I’ll probably be working on this sometime in the near future and seeing if I can improve it but for now here’s the original. 133 more words

Amateur Poetry

i really want to tell you
how i realized, last night
in my fucked up fever sleeps,
that a whole dream comes not sequentially,
on the coattails of chronology, 173 more words


my position
in your ever stuffed chair
is not one of significance,
whether great,
or even at all.
it’s just so very nice to be here, 19 more words


i feel like i should say something
really important
about being lost in love
and all that,
but my anger,
that is tempered so much better… 13 more words