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Three 'n One

Here’s three posts in one (making up for the missed post the other day and then some).

Hair of Curly

So golden and divine

are the curls… 152 more words



Slowly the moon is rising out of the ruddy haze,
Divesting herself of her golden shift, and so
Emerging white and exquisite; and I in amaze… 38 more words



The talk of the town
was you stuck in the right life!
Brought up,
caught up,
stuck with a light wife.

This was your choice… 13 more words


Asphalt and Peaches (Old Poetry)

She let her first kiss tumble
from the windows of her father’s jeep
as the car hurtled over the tennessee line
the fissures in her face were smooth… 42 more words


To-Do Blurb for 2016

What’s the plan for this 2016? Basically to upload one blog post a day, whether it’s a poem, review, or stray rant that’s come to mind. 237 more words


Winter Sunrise

You are my winter sunrise.

I wake up early every morning just to see you-

Just to try to catch a glimpse of your radiant beams… 67 more words



I wrote this poem in undergrad for a prompt assignment. We had to make a poem based on a writing convention, such as a palindrome (as I did).   193 more words