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Silhouette of Humanity

we are human
choking with boredom
dancing with smoke filled bottles of
empty content
while meditating on our medications
and the music is silent
a forgotten whisper… 117 more words



You’re my Jesus. Like, minus the beard and the robes.

My Personal Messiah.

You didn’t turn water into wine but you’ve turned moments into forever and I’m still drunk with the memories. 219 more words


All The Dangerous Things

You are not the first girl I ever fell for.
Not the second either.

She was drugs.
She was heaven. She was euphoria.
She was the closest thing to ever make me feel like maybe, just maybe Life isn’t too bad. 182 more words



It would take a few more sunsets until we realize
that there is now a gap between us,
centimeters slowly ripping us apart.

The thing about tectonic movement is… 85 more words


Little Thoughts: To A Boy

He pulled her in with his piercing blue eyes

A smile that provided comfort

but also joy

and a heartbeat that pulsated in a rhythm she could dance to… 231 more words




When she was ten,
there was this game that her friends told her about.
Where differently sized circles could be steered around an empty space: 35 more words


as we grow, we forget

a note: i wrote this a couple of years ago, and it’s probably visible in the clumsy, forced rhyme scheme and the dramatics of the  303 more words