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What I Learned from Chicago Weather

I’m sick of whining about it.

I’m sick of winter under skin- I’m sick of self destruction.

I am tired of blaming seasons


Skeletons and branches… 303 more words


1/10/14 (edited)


I hope that you will be okay

Someday, because when I look into

Your dark eyes I see beauty;

And your quiet thoughts harm… 58 more words

More Poetry To Come

I enjoy coming up with poetry
so I am gonna do more poetry.

I may even post older poems from last year if not before.

A Brief Note About "voices"

and, for that matter, about blog-publishing more ‘current’ poetry.  That manuscript I have to regard as published.  Therefore I feel that I will slowly put the whole thing in my blog.  128 more words



This is my own poem that I am reblogging onto this platform. I wrote it in 2015 when I was going through some emotional hurdles. It may be a very cheesy poem about lost love and broken promises but I do like the diction and am still quite proud of this little piece. Enjoy!

Source: Fiber

Old Poetry

Trail away

Trail me away
with questions
and the weight of your love.
Abyss is not yet invented
Just seen in shadow moons…

Cast me away
with a thought… 46 more words

Iulia Halatz

You're Hot and I Want You Naked

I have no idea where this came from, I was just trying to be funny. And I was a teenage boy.

I love your birthday suit. 132 more words

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