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Razor Blade Wishes

Chocolate covered rainbows

And candy coated stars

Razor blade wishes

And acid bath dreams

Warm silken comfort

And dark flowing love

Smeared blood soothes

A bleeding caress

-Awkward Babble July 2001


Poor Design

Runaway with me,
we can play a game of pretend;
until the pains are forgotten.

We can build a seemingly perfect illusion.
When we are done the structure will shatter, 6 more words

Old Poetry

Leave us Behind

You poured the alcohol,
lit up and burned your bridges.

The words you uttered can’t be unheard,
I’m not willing to forgive or forget.

There is no turning back, 39 more words

Old Poetry


lying on my back staring at the sky high above,
I am searching for the golden sun.

Hiding behind the looming clouds it hangs,
they are as colourless as can be. 68 more words

Old Poetry

Both Sides as One

Every time you walk out the door,
I fear you won’t come back;
it causes my heart to crack even more.
If you were to leave for the last time, 186 more words


On the floor you lay,
bruises start to take form.
Cover them up and hide the scars,
the hands that inflict pain are of blood. 50 more words

I’m lying on my bed bored out of my skull,
receding in and out of my own head;
the only person on my mind is you. 97 more words