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Fool who Loves

Sun was shining, wind was cold
The feel was like a melted gold
Of her smile, that pierced his heart
And made his eyes glow… 215 more words



Love is that can’t be proved in a moment or in a bunch of seconds love is what that the other person wanna talk to you wanna have your presence wanna have you wherever he goes, have your face and your bullshit in his veins, love cant be proved never in the hundred million years. 81 more words


Rhett Butler

“My darling, you’re such a child. You think that by saying,
‘I’m sorry,’ all the errors and hurts of years past can be
remedied, obliterated from the mind, all the poison drawn from… 23 more words


Desolation Row

Cinderella, she seems so easy, “It takes one to know one, ” she smiles
And puts her hands in her back pockets Bette Davis style… 48 more words


The Beatles

“I look at you all see the love there that’s sleeping
While my guitar gently weeps
I look at the floor and I see it needs sweeping… 10 more words


panic attack poetry (pt 2)

Waiting to speak
Ask me to agree
Or disagree
Let me chime in so that you can talk over
Do not make me feel included… 317 more words

Mental Illness


I used to envy men and say

I really wish I could be like you

Have no empathy or feeling like you do.

Stoic is your responses and your demeanor. 178 more words