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I'm Sorry, but I can't...

This post is going to start off totally different from what you’re used too. Normally there would be a grand introduction, a couple of GIFs, and some pretty colors, well I’m sorry, I can’t do that this time. 727 more words

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travel together

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Sensory Play: Busa Sabun

Apa itu sensory play?

Mungkin kita sudah sering mendengar sensory play terutama di kalangan Emak-emak milenial yang produktif dalam membersamai tumbuh kembang anak-anaknya. Sensory play adalah serangkaian kegiatan yang dapat merangsang kelima indera: peraba, penciuman, perasa, penglihatan dan pendengaran. 139 more words

Aktivitas Seru

Inspirasi Kegiatan Anak

Keluarga, sebuah tempat di mana anak-anak idealnya mendapatkan pendidikan yang pertama dari orang tua. Orang tua jauh lebih banyak mengenal karakteristik anak-anaknya, sehingga inilah peluang untuk lebih merekatkan… 109 more words


Stop. Breathe. You will continue.

I wrote this post a few days after Nick and I found out that his fibroma on the back of his knee was indeed, cancer. It was originally posted in November of 2017 on my old blog, but it’s a post that holds so much emotion for me, even to this day, that I can’t just let it disappear forever.

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All seasons are winning seasons...


It’s Wednesday and guess who is droppin a blog!! I’m getting back in the swing of things!!

As I’m writing this, I’m on my couch waiting for Door Dash to bring my Chipotle. 766 more words

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Protect your spirit and your space like you do your Iphone.

With the Iphone 8, Iphone 8 plus and the Iphone X dropping I felt like this title or “topic” was perfect.┬áLet me go ahead and turn on Kendrick Lamar’s “Don’t Kill My Vibe” real quick and then we can get started. 831 more words

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