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La Beaute de Hanoi Hotel

La Beaute de Hanoi Hotel is located in an alley in the heart of Hanoi’s Old Quarter and only a short walk from Hoan Kiem Lake.  408 more words


Day 32: Hanoi Bonus Day

The homes in Hanoi’s Old Quarter still reflect the family-driven architecture of the late 19th century. Many are three to five stories tall, but very narrow in the front while stretching deep into the lot. 337 more words


Day 30: Hanoi's Old Quarter

On our first full day in Hanoi, we wandered the Old Quarter. With a history spanning more than 2,000 years, the streets are a living, breathing history lesson. 386 more words


Day 29: Hanoi in Motion

After a week in Hong Kong, we headed west to Hanoi, Vietnam. After an easy flight, we boarded a city bus for a one-hour ride through countryside and small townsーthe only foreigners on board, although nobody seemed to notice. 200 more words


The Art of Holding Hands

You could say it’s do or die in Ha Noi. In the Old Quarter, where the streets are narrow and sidewalks are used as parking lots, you must learn to jaywalk as naturally as you breathe and to trust strangers on motorbikes. 363 more words


Vietnamese Lotus tea – How to serve

Expert Lotus tea scenters can make you a good pack of tea, but can’t make you a good cup of tea.

As I have already mentioned in my previous post, Lotus tea is regarded as one of the oldest art form of Vietnamese culture with subtle and elegant taste that others tea could ever compare, but buying the authentic Vietnamese Lotus tea isn’t enough to have a nice pot of one, its quality is also laid on how you make it. 623 more words


Grilled Birds in the Old Quarter

Vui lòng kéo xuối dưới để xem tiếng Việt

Grilled birds at no.5 Ta Hien street, corner of Ta Hien and Dao Duy Tu alley… 506 more words