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Hanging out in the Hanoi Old Quarter

I really enjoyed walking around the Old Quarter of Hanoi. For me it had a totally different feel to other Asian cities at least in the heritage area. 1,633 more words


The Old Quarter's Hang Bac Temple

This was definitely the last temple of my Vietnamese visit. At least that’s what I told myself during my final days in Hanoi. I was enticed by the narrow passageway and then up steps. 52 more words


A Hanoi Traditional House

Inside Ma May’s traditional two-storey house I ran my hand over the iron wood trimmings. I walked to the back of the hundred year old house where the kitchen stood in an open courtyard, sun streaming down from the open square. 64 more words


Glimpses of Hanoi so far

So after being landed in the old quarter of Hanoi where to simply step out of the hotel calls for an immediate moped dodge, I think I’m finally beginning to appreciate this crazy, busy city. 209 more words


Foods I’d never tried (or maybe wouldn’t)

I didn’t notice any fruits or vegetables I hadn’t seen before as I wandered through Hanoi’s Old Quarter. As for meats, I didn’t want to go there, especially after walking past barbequed dog. 49 more words