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A young woman stands on a doorstep in the rain, holding a fish bowl containing a fish. She carries a backpack and she’s cold and wet and asking to come in… 524 more words


Sparks, Old Red Lion

There’s something elemental about Sparks. It’s all water and fire: two opposing forces meeting, like the two sisters at the play’s heart. Jess turns up on Sarah’s doorstep drenched, clasping a fishbowl in both hands. 694 more words


Playground at Old Red Lion Theatre Pub – 3 Stars

Peter Hamilton’s Playground is billed as a murder mystery set in a fragmented, broken society. Supposedly, it follows an investigation into the decapitation of several small children, all of which are found with an Enid Blyton novel laid open on their murdered bodies. 232 more words


The Win Bin, Old Red Lion

I have several friends who’ve recently graduated and are currently in the soul-destroying process of trying to get into the arts. We have a lot of conversations that go a bit like this: 457 more words




Adam Hughes’ play gives a chilling insight into the pride and savagery of 80s football hooliganism, against the backdrop of the miners’ strike. 567 more words


Review - The Liz and Dick Show - Dhanil Ali at The Old Red Lion

A million years ago, the first time I ever saw a show in London, it was something my grandmother picked: Little Foxes with Elizabeth Taylor. It wasn’t a show I cared for (or knew anything about) although I noted the audience applauded, just like they do today, when the aged actress walked on stage. 361 more words

The spirit of Christmas

A Christmas Carol – The Old Red Lion, until 03 January 2015 (tickets)

‘Humbug’. The modern lexicon creatively being employed by the youth of today means it’s a word that sits on the milder end of the spectrum. 283 more words

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