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TIERRA Old Skool Legends at Fiesta San Antonio

On Friday, April 22nd my business partner Robert Gonzalez/CEO of Music Access, Inc. and I took to the road from Dallas to San Antonio to not just partake in the annual “Fiesta San Antonio” but to meet, one on one with leader Rudy Salas of the world-renowned  444 more words

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Rush Your F***in' Bollocks Off!

Ok, ok, ok. Last one I promise, before I come back to reality.

If one tune epitomises the sheer intensity, unstoppable momentum and ‘avin it abandon of that period for me, it surely has to be  … 148 more words

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Hoovers + Spraycans

All that graffiti reminiscing got me all misty eyed about other characters from back in the day and while I don’t in any way want to turn this into a retro archiving sesh (…too many quality sites already doing that job on a far more impressive scale!) I couldn’t resist another follow up. 376 more words

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Fume DDS - The Bane of British Transport Police

Stoked to be the proud owner of one of these first official prints from one of the kings of the London graffiti scene (although it feels like something of an oxymoron to have actually paid for a ‘print’, to have it framed and now have it hanging on my wall. 381 more words

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[THROWBACK MUSIC] P-Square - Senorita

Throwback 2004! Been jamming some Old Skool music lately so i came across this lovely 2004 hit from P-Square and i decided to share with you guys. 19 more words


"Mum's" The Word...Joke of The Day!!

Walking through Asda and my other half noticed this little number for sale. OMG how prehistoric is all I can say!!!!!

…..need I go on!!!! 15 more words