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A Good Year: Do You Conform With These Rules?

Like fine wines and their ‘good years’, a car’s desirability can also be signified by its year of manufacture. Just as a season of perfect weather conditions grace the land, producing palate-tantalising grape nectar, car designers manage to merge the combination of curves, lines and technological advancements to create an automotive ‘good’ year. 382 more words

When Cars Were Built To Last Along With Their Style

If you were to walk through a crammed car park whilst blurring your eyes, you’d be hard pressed to single out brands and models from a distance. 199 more words

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Resto-modding: Saving The Underdogs Of Yesteryear

To some people, resto-modding is nothing more than stripping a car of all its originality. This group of people are called ‘Purists’, a breed I totally respect and fully understand their views on maintaining originality, but there are some cars that just don’t warrant the expense of sourcing original parts, whether resto-modded or not. 254 more words

Is it just me, or has rap gone from political to pitiful?

I used to LOVE Tupac and Biggie. In a big way. I thought that Run DMC was cool, and then these guys came along. The poetry of Tupac was like no other. 257 more words


Vans Old Skool Black White IFC Replika

Vans Old Skool BW, sepatu skate Vans classic yang pertama kali menggunakan stripe iconic pada sepatu Vans, memiliki low-top lace-up silhouette dengan suade yang kuat dan upper canvas dengan lidah sepatu yang empuk serta lining dan signature Waffle Vans pada bagian outsole (tapak). 126 more words