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Make Money By Selling Recycled Plastic and Old Newspaper

Recycling is a process that processes old items and transforms it into a completely new product. It is a great way to save resources that will help the environment. 391 more words

Old Stuff

Old Draft: Traveling ✈️ 💸


I just want to get it out now that this is a very, very old draft that’s been floating around in my drafts folder. Seeing as it’s become so old to the point of almost… irrelevance, I might as well just post it sometime. 247 more words


Still Life

Hello everyone! So this year, I’ve set it a goal to share my content, whether that be writing, music or art. I thought it would be a nice idea to share one of my older works. 1,094 more words


Angels and Demons


Angels can fall,

Can demons rise?

Earn back their wings?

Fight their demise?

Angels can choose.

Demons are lost?

Damned forever,

To pay the cost?

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Writing prompt:

give me 5 words that describe you: Short, Loud, Bored, Tired, Outgoing

Alana knew what it meant to be tired. She had spent several sleepless nights in her bed. 420 more words

Creative Writing


By conventional definitions, darkness is the absence of light. It seems to take on a personality, or at least an empathetic consciousness. It is used as an synonym for secrets and unknown horrors. 157 more words

Creative Writing


Advice is the words you tell someone that should be heard by you.  Advice is easy to see in someone else and easily avoided in your heart.  70 more words

Creative Writing