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The forgotten toys...

The forgotten toys…

Reminds me of a cartoon I saw as a child.

Yeah…I’ve been MIA for a while for many reasons, chief of them being my increasing workload at work. 92 more words


(unfinished 2017 stuff) FFVII What-If Sort Of Thing

“Hey, so, what’re ya in for?”, came a voice from the cell next to mine. Sounded like a young woman. I ignored her and rolled over. 3,242 more words

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Back to the Basics.

We celebrated one of my brother’s 40th birthday yesterday and let me just say, it was lit!!! All my siblings were there and it was mad fun. 655 more words

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[very old stuff] 100 Things To Do Now That You're 21!

-100 Things To Do Now That You’re 21!-

  1. Make a lanyard! Nothing says “total freedom” like lanyards!
  2. Knit your grandmother a nice quilt.
  3. Have a Humphrey Bogart marathon with your favorite cats!
  4. 984 more words
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Art Post

This is a picture of Tobias Albino.  Nearly every player has fond memories of their First Dungeons and Dragons Character, and Tobias was mine.

He was a wizard, built in the old D&D 3.5 rules before our dungeon master converted us over to Pathfinder.  129 more words


Sometimes Serendipitous

Unconventionally beautiful

Accidentally wonderful

Tripping on my tongue more than my shoes

Can’t look out for myself until I look after you

Unconditional melodies

Pre-positioned tragedies… 68 more words