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Rue de la Paix

Armand sang this beautiful song a long time ago …

years later when I saw the music collection from Marjan, I discovered it was original a song from Pearls before Swine ! 185 more words


Herman van Loenhout

Long ago I came to know his music. I got respect for the guy who entirely in his own way developed his music in the turbulent sixties and continued to write and recite until yesterday. 54 more words


My Old Works #1

I have recently been cleaning out my computer and have discovered some writings that I have done for classes or just by my own free will. 1,933 more words


A room with a view

After saying goodnight to you peeps last night I actually managed to unpack and realized that I forgot one of my books on the airplane, the world as we know it is gone…I might or might not survive. 284 more words


Old Stuff: Soup - "The Beauty of Our Youth" Review

This review is from almost exactly two years ago, October 24th, 2013 (sometimes I waited to post for a couple weeks), back when I was writing for powerofmetal.dk.   406 more words


Enterprise Architecture Inquiry

I’ve had this outline of a book project laying dormant on Google drive for a couple of years. The working title was “The Art of Documenting Enterprise Architecture”. 1,441 more words

Old Stuff

The Edo-Tokyo Museum

The Edo-Tokyo Museum in the Ryogoku district of Tokyo is a museum that details the history and culture of Tokyo during the Edo period.  The museum is in a multi-level building with a very interesting structure.  629 more words

Old Stuff