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400,000 views -- and the evolution of a Zombie...

Hey everyone, just a quick post to let you know that Eternal Hunt has actually managed to hit the 400,000 total views mark earlier this week, which I think is pretty cool! 603 more words


Painted black.

This is the last one I could find. For the rest it’s all drawings! And I should really go to bed now. It’s after midnight. Again…. 330 more words



ALRIGHT! Here’s another oldy! And no I am not neglecting my rants. I had one (or 2?) just this morning! If you missed it it’s… 341 more words


A mirror

OLD stuff. I’m just saying it RIGHT HERE. Just so you know. Some more angsty stuff, I don’t know where I kept all that!

And I’ll add a tiny picture from WAAAAAAAAY back. 210 more words


Just curious. That's all.

I really am just curious you know, if you people mind me posting my old poems.. I don’t know how many there are but, instead of spamming them all in one go, I was thinking of posting one or 2 each day. 86 more words


This piece of me.

Whoops, whoop, so much old stuff, I can’t believe this survived on the internet. Unbelievable. I thought I lost all this dreadful stuff 3 computer crashes ago. 213 more words



Ok, so BEFORE I get scolded for such a negative thing. I AM NOT PROUD OF THIS. Again. 12 years old. I am sharing it all. 251 more words