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Old Stuff - storyboard revised + mood board

Daily experiences of a college student, dealing with anxiety.

  • Simple, repetitive
  • Home, class, friends, other
    • Outdoors / rec / bar / party

Should be simple, 5 minute ish game play, but able to make longer if wanted… 299 more words

Old Stuff

Old stuff- gamification

Gamification vs Narration

  • Gamification
    • Things to include (if done)
      • Representing living with anxiety
      • Status bars
        • Social
        • Physical
        • Grades
        • Sleep
        • Mental
      • All decrease over time, certain actions will boost / decrease stats …
  • 144 more words
Old Stuff

Old Stuff - story board v1


  • Bedroom
    • Character in bed, point and click actions to get up, move around
    • Get ready, go out
    • Repeat a few times, but getting up takes more and more effort each time…
  • 284 more words
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Old Stuff - initial ideas

Audio Based Adventure Game

The idea behind this is just as the name implies, a game based mainly on audio to build an environment, where things other than the base background sounds are indicated by their own audio cues. 463 more words

Old Stuff

Old Stuff - domains and precedents


  • Music
  • Guitar
  • Percussion
  • Games (analog and digital)
  • Virtual / Augmented Reality
  • Animation
  • Web development
  • Reading
  • Science (I used to be a physics major)

Motivations… 310 more words

Old Stuff

Rock n roll never forgets.

From June 2010

OK, everybody groan: Not only am I former newspaper reporter — I’ve also worked in radio.

Actually it’s not a big leap. When I quit the local paper back in ’98 (I feel like one of those toothless geezers in the movies, saying, “Back in ought-nine …” And yes, before some genius decides to ask, I still have all of my teeth, thanks), I spent a couple of years freelancing. 986 more words


Old Stuff: Epiphany Version

In honor of today’s Feast of the Epiphany, here’s “Frozen Pizza and Maury Povich,” a sermon I was privileged to preach on Epiphany, 2012 for the good people of Notre Dame Church in Clarendon Hills, Illinois. 36 more words