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Killed this, this evening

I released two EPs and dozens of throwaway tracks under that name, but it’s done. Those two EPs were probably the most successful musical creative period in my life so far, both in terms of quantifiable-number-of-likes-and-plays as well as how-I-felt-about-myself, but that time is gone and I feel like I’m judging everything I do against them. 114 more words

Old Stuff

From the Archive 2

Here we have a tiny study I made from a photo, I was very into trying to make it look like oil painting at the time. 26 more words


Old Sewing Machine

I came across this old Singer pedal powered sewing machine last time I visited our local Museum. I remember my Grandmother had one the same. As I kid I loved to pedal it for her while she was sewing. 32 more words


Old Stuff

For my CMAT 211 – Computer Graphics: Imaging course, we were asked to put together a WordPress for our final project.  I decided that rather than porting everything to this site, I would rather have it exist as its own thing.  34 more words

Old Stuff

From the Archive 1


Going through a very stressful situation at the moment, involving good things such as crazy landlords and finding a new home, so I really don’t have any reliable energy or time to dedicate to my art right now. 219 more words


Estate Sale Saturday

Today we visited an estate sale organized by Absolute Estate Solutions.  Absolute is our favorite local company for weekend fun.  I’m not sure if that makes us really boring or totally awesome. 255 more words

Cool Finds

Revisiting old image folders

As I have learned a huge amount of new stuff about Photoshop in school, I have tried these new skills at home. Searching trough my files I happened to open folders from my first years of active photographing. 276 more words