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Tunes from the Past

Every once in a while, I like listening to some music I used to listen to years ago, and reflect on how much things have changed today. 240 more words

Exploring & Antiques

This weekend was one of my good friend’s wedding days which resulted in a day spent in great company with LOTS of laughing and dancing but also lots of country driving and exploration. 303 more words


Family business

Cold winter mornings have a particular odor, Roy remembered. One that, at least until now, he proudly claimed to be very fond of. But that was what a human would feel, not a goose. 190 more words

Media server mode

Today, since money is an issue, I have started with old hardware that I already have. Better to experiment on old things than waste the money and find out I can’t do it… Right? 442 more words

Media Server


Partimos hablando sobre honestidad. Le decía que se debe creer en las palabras que uno elige, porque son rencorosas con quienes las olvidan. Es el rollo de Bruce Lee, recité humildemente, dándome cuenta de la contradicción que significa serle fiel en un existir libre de “yos” y “míos”. 92 more words

Quite an Odd Feeling

Quite an odd feeling,
something being gone when you expect it to be there.
Sometimes it takes the absence of something you take for granted to make you see… 445 more words



In connection with the upcoming celebration of our freedom on May 5, I once browsed through old magazines from my grandfather.

In the years before the war there were clearly warnings of the danger that Europe was close to an abyss …. 53 more words

Our Wealthy Life