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Dreaming on a Pier

Amber lights carried us across the sea
our bodies dangling at first, almost unconscious
But detail woke us asleep:

Remember the dark swells

Remember the white splits and the foamy caps… 173 more words

Old Stuff


I wait for my parents
On a cold night,
In the warmth of my
Teenage broken-in room

The humming of the fridge
Comforts me, like a car engine… 95 more words

Old Stuff

Harsh Awakening

Dreaming in warm sleep away from the air’s frost
I find myself more present in that fantasy
Of lives I feel I should be living… 13 more words

Old Stuff


My friends and I sundrunk
under a lazy palm, yawning
our words and grunting giggles
about waves

caught today.
Our surfboards left tall in the sand,
a monument to us.

Old Stuff

Writing a poem

I hang a line or two
In my mind.
A fisherman of words
Reeling in line after line.
The difference however
Is that the catch is not weighed… 47 more words

Old Stuff


The music washed over me,
A calm and vibrant wave,
Bringing with it a pleasant haze
That reminded me of open wheat fields,
Yellow in the orange evening light… 123 more words

Old Stuff

Suppressed Emotion

My stomach ached
as if at any moment,
vomit would come spewing up
my throat and out of my mouth
into the dead plastic bags I filled… 97 more words

Old Stuff