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From the Archive 30

This should be the last from the Archive post with a bit of luck. I made these for my portfolio while in school, I might even have written a post about it here on the blog before. 47 more words

Old Stuff

From the Archive 29

Just an old orc anatomy sculpt. At first we just had an assignment for sculpting a bust that we should retopologize and make as low poly as possible, while still keeping the details. 37 more words


From the Archive 28

Another quick sketch from previously mentioned game project. This was never used for anything, I’m not even sure I showed it to anyone at the time.


Old Stuff: Torah and Eucharist

I don’t actually have readers–as well I shouldn’t, since to date I’ve been using this blog to pretty much back up my hard drive, but if I did, I could just imagine them saying to themselves, “Ourselves, we wonder if Jeff ever wrote about the relationship between the liturgical celebrations of the Torah and the Eucharist, maybe in the context of a graduate course in Liturgical Theology, say, in 2011?” To which I answer, “wonder no longer, dear reader, for I did just that, and it went a little something like this. 2,835 more words

From the Archive 27

This is a concept sheet for possible character for our first game project at previously mentioned school. It was a balance game where sailors had to defend their boat against a kraken, I posted a gameplay video a few months ago. 37 more words



(This is an old drabble I found on my phone. My lack of sleep made me write a lot before lol Also, I think I write better now) 503 more words

Old Stuff: Israel (Who Cares?)

This is a lecture I had occasion to give at Seton Catholic School, Lexington, Kentucky, in 2012. We explore why the Hebrew Bible, which is the sacred text of the ancient Jewish people, is relevant to people who are neither ancient nor Jewish. 58 more words