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Mug Shot

I don’t consider myself a mug collector per se, but I love mugs. I consider the mugs I use as an extension of my personality. Some people broadcast their identity to the world through the music they listen to. 494 more words


New England's Old Sturbridge Village, Part 1

I love open air museums. Reading about history is nice, but when it’s three dimensional it comes to life for me. As a child, one of my family’s favorite destinations was Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts. 513 more words

Old Sturbridge Village - winter 4

The staff and actors who work at Old Sturbridge Village are very pleasant and knowledgeable. This is just one of the many wonderful people I met there that day. 163 more words


Old Sturbridge Village - winter 3

This dude made it very clear that stepping into the sheep pen where the two lambs were resting was not a very good idea. Thanking the stars for the existence of zoom lens, I stayed where I was! 157 more words


Old Sturbridge Village - winter 2

This guy was siting at the top of a tiny post that was at least 7 feet (2 m) off the ground. I must have taken ten photographs and nothing fazed him…he just sat there…waiting…patiently…deigning—occasionally—to look at me with his regal gaze. 136 more words


Old Sturbridge Village - winter sleighs

Old Sturbridge Village is a living museum of what life was like in the 1830’s in New England. The buildings are authentic, the actors well trained and the craftsmen and farmers pursue their seasonal tasks exactly as they would have performed them in that time period. 174 more words


Ol' Sturbridge Village: A New England Staple

Hey blog family. What’s up? What’s been happening? How was your January? Mine was cold. We got our electric bill yesterday and my, my, that number was higher than expected! 474 more words