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"Life in the Slow Lane, Still a Draw for Heritage Fans"

The article Life in the Slow Lane, Still a Draw for Heritage Fans appeared in the New York Times recently (and features a great image of the Frontier Culture Museum). 28 more words


Old Sturbridge Village Wedding—Jeannie and Matt 1-31-15

Just over a year ago Jeannie and Matt held their wedding ceremony and reception at the Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts. With their love of history it was a perfect setting, and although it was a brutally cold night outside, the warmth from the fires and the love from their family and friends kept the party going late into the night. 9 more words

Greg Nesbit Photography

3 Sisters and 25 Snowmen

Every winter there was magic in the winter air when we had a big snowfall in Sturbridge, Massachusetts where our father built our house on Cedar Street. 408 more words

Basket Maker – A Craft for the Ages

Baskets have been part of households for thousands of years. When they came into use is difficult to know. Pottery, intact or in shards, can be dated by archeologists. 893 more words


I'm thankful for . . . Lobster and Crab Cakes and Poutine

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. For my family it is a time to gather together to express our thankfulness for the blessings of the last year and look with hope towards the future. 226 more words


Shoot meat, win a target

That’s almost literally true: shoot a target, win a target would be a more accurate description of Saturday’s frivols in Massachusetts. At least the gentlemen seem to know they’re a little silly. 403 more words

Living History

Packing Meat

Sometimes you end up doing things for reasons you don’t entirely understand. Remember that brief flirtation with the 1830s? Well… we met again, and this time, I said yes to the dress. 413 more words