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12 Days of Christmas - day 6

Racing in old kit and on old bikes is seemingly very popular in Italy. This group of cyclists were crossing posing at the finish line at this year’s Milan-San Remo which concludes just up the road from us. 156 more words


Don't wake me up.

Photo taken from my sweet bed, 2015.

When life pushes you wave after wave, you are pushing your limit at the same time.

2016 has been a fast car for me and it’s a little bit too fast for me to catch up with. 504 more words

Old Timers

Of Time and Illusions in Great Tales of Time Part Two and of the Inconvenient Truth for England

Today in History, I bring you a somewhat different view of the Inconvenient Truth as oppose the common illusions of Time gone by.

 This day in 1605, November 5th were it not for one Englishman warning his brother who was a Lord not to go into Parliament that day and him, the Lord one, putting the warning out Guy Fawkes would have blown the Mother of Parliaments into smithereens and with it probably could have saved the World from Freedom and Democracy. 314 more words

None The Wiser

status viatoris – being ‘on the way’/being in a state of pilgrimage

SV: Good afternoon! How are you today?

Little Old Italian Lady: Well, you know how it is. 291 more words

A Modern-Day Nomad

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Tired Old Tales for Thursdays

An oldie but a goodie

Since I’ve finally mustered up enough motivation to start posting again, the next few entries will be entirely of photographs I’ve taken some time ago (seven months, so not too long ago), when it was still cold and wintry and I was too lazy (or too busy… ok, we’ll just say busy. 40 more words

Tarantino Cool!

Soul Embrace is a Belgian Band and last year they released a kick-ass album On Starman Records called Good Morning to Myself. Purple people Park had the pleasure of making a video for the first single And then we all were Tarantino Cool!

Music And Video

Old People Don’t Suck!

(Originally posted on August 20, 2012.)

When I was younger, I use to wonder why “old people” were so rude and selfish. I just bounced around with my happy-go-lucky attitude and snarled back at them with a smirk when they’d get rude over something that I deemed silly. 475 more words