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Minecraft, Los cubos al poder!. Mi historia con el videojuego mas "Cubico" de la industria.

Hola!, que tal todo lector/a?. Espero que muy bien ☺.

Bueno, en este nuevo post hablare sobre Minecraft, un videojuego que fue estrenado por alla en el año 2011, y que poco a poco fue escalando en los eslabones de la cadena en la industria de los vidojuegos, llegando a ser el juego mas popular del año 2012/13, teniendo un alcance soberbio incluso hasta nuestros dias (2016). 713 more words


A Rhyme on Nostalgia

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First, there is no better place to be a child than Ghana in the 90s and early 2000s. 951 more words



Maps! Maps! Who doesn’t love maps? I am a map collector. My Dad was a map collector too. He carried maps in the car stuffed into overhead visors and between the seats of our station wagon. 409 more words



An old Neem covers the sky above you.

It towers above the new building nearby. It is bent and crooked and old. It stands all the same. 637 more words

Old Times In Almost Black And White

Mostly black and white photographs of Quiet Valley and Kutztown Folk Festival. With the exception of a very hot pig that has good taste and tastes good all at the same time. What could be better?


The Music that Moves my Soul

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I may have stated before that in my high school days I began a love of folk style music.  ( I only begin the story this way because my children say, yeah dad only a hundred times!) No, I wasn’t a Bobby Darin, Elvis, nor British Invasion follower.   529 more words

New Crew! - it really is happening. 

Fredrik and I drive on shore a bit earlier to have a shower while we wait for Nadja to arrive with the airport bus. It’s really happening. 123 more words