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Old Times.

Recently I got a notification from a group I joined back in high school ( which was like 3 years ago now) anyway it was basically someone checking up on everyone and it was actually really sweet. 338 more words

Back to the Fifties Attitudes and Lifestyle!

Back to the Fifties !  i would like to use this Post to get a view back into the Times of Petticoats ,True Love ,Marriage ,Traditional Role Model  of Men and Women.Rock n Rolls ,beautiful Cars ,Happy Children  and just my fact that ,these times were better than these Times we live in Today .As a Vintage Fashion and also Old style Life Style Fan i must say i always adored the Fifties .As a very Feminine and traditional (still cooking or baking woman) lol  .What is fascinating me about old Times besides that Marriages where lasting more than 30 years mostly and People seemed to cherish True and everlasting Love as they didn’t expect to much from each other which is the Reason for everlasting.Lets Start with the fact that Women today are way to masculine and Career horny often ,besides rarely having Morals  for what really matters in Life,and Men today where can i start  besides they CHANGED its sometimes frustrating to see that Men don’t care about Chivalry behavior like back then anymore ,(except of some Foreigner Men who come from a different Country ) but in Germany ive experienced less Gentleman behavior .This problem is cause of both sites i guess as a Woman like me who thinks the  Old Style,we seem to have bad cards  sometimes with Western Men ,we expect a Gentlemen ,its Respectful and charming to treat a Woman like 50s Style and its still Sexy if the Woman can cook  and bake  .These days it became rare that Women deeply feel their Feminine site and Society doesn’t make it easier .In every Field today Society is expecting and expecting all of us till we burned out ,so its on us to decide for our self’s ,how we wanna live and we should have the Right to Choose,and say  i concentrate 100% to my Husband and Family without being judged to not Work.So we see this Century is a tough one ,Women might had no choice back then ,but at least they could concentrate to one thing and weren’t in need to work as well .If we finally concentrate to our inside again and our Feminine site and Men also start to think more Old Style again i guess then we can change more ,and get back the old style Family and beloved Together Attitude, even though in these Days we have  very HIGH Divorce Statistics and we resign to fast cause of small things in a Partnership ,i guess we have to start inside our self’s and first look at, is it the right time to meet someone ? 117 more words


A little reminiscing about being "small"

It is a dark friday afternoon and I love rains. I am feeling rather blue today although I could be feeling excited because its almost weekend and we get to spend a lot of time together as a family. 305 more words

While I Was Home

It had been nearly 10 months since I purchased my one way ticket to Vietnam. The time had come to make a trip back to the ‘States for a friend’s wedding from my college years. 884 more words


Day 73 100 Happy Days

My cousin in Florida tagged me in an old photo from when we were little. Oh my goodness, did that bring a smile to my face and happiness in my heart. 27 more words