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Well, tonight as I was smoking my last cigarette, outside in the windy weather, shaking like someone who has parkinson, old thoughts surface.

Heh, for some reason an image of me watching Naruto on tv, I didn’t have internet at that time, (I think it was somewhere around 2007 or 2008) and after every episode I would text my crush who would also watch it and talk bout how awesome that episode until we both fell asleep. 454 more words


The Story Factory

Written by: Jehan Daal
© Picture: Mobinovyc@PIXABAY

When I heard Lost Boy from Ruth B. it brought me back to when I was nine years old. 236 more words

Jehan Daal

Dad, I always remember you

Dad, I always remember you
Even in this deciduous time
While everything has been tarnished
Through out the time and that span
Of time surely plundered everything… 63 more words

" Be Green" , a sad hype.

Recently I was in the supermarket.

At the checkout till, a young cashier pointed out that I should bring my own shopping bags instead of asking for bag. 584 more words

Phase One Digital Backs

Nostalgia For The 'Good Old Days'

I was catching up with a friend last night.  The two of us are in constant communication thanks to the internet, but we were really thinking about the past this time.   340 more words



Early this morning I was humming a song from the sixties – aa chalke tujhe mein leke chaloon ek aise gagan ke tale… Then I played that song in youtube and started humming along as I prepared my breakfast. 296 more words



Even though I feel like these tags and regular blogs I do are fun, I know people, even myself, are wondering will I ever do a travel blog. 317 more words