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Old Times

Do you miss the old times? I know I do when I was a kid I used to love watching Sesame Street and Reading Rainbow. Sometimes we do miss things like our loved ones. 223 more words


Who I Run Into

People are interesting. I mean that. People are genuinely interesting. They all have cool stories filled with too many twists and turns to count. True, some are more interesting than others. 345 more words

Growing up but not away

I have always felt an obligation to apply myself in the city in which I grew up — sort of a Simba-returning-to-the-kingdom-in-The-Lion-King type scenario. I feel a responsibility to give back to my community and I am happy to do so. 127 more words

Adventures And Cuddles

The genius of Rise of Nations

Sorry for the long hiatus, inspiration and time escaped me, but I’m back and I have quite the back catalogue to post.

In my eye’s (the eye’s of a 21-year-old cynical gamer) Rise of Nations is pretty much the definition of a classic RTS. 2,202 more words


There wasn’t really a time where I didn’t notice him.

We grew up together, but separate.

I admired him when we were kids. His desire to always seek adventure. 412 more words

For you BFM

BFM this beautiful pony if for you.
I know how much you appreciate and adore animals. I took this picture in Ireland and spent a good while bonding with it, in the end it was almost hard saying good bye to it. 77 more words

For All You Travel Bugs


An eerie glow filled
a dust-darkened sky,
yet one more rainless day,
with a hot, driving wind
trading soil between
neighboring states.

Sudden calm stills the wind, 91 more words