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What I Miss

Imagine a society with all of history’s cordiality, and today’s conveniences. Your friends would gossip for days about that wink you got with your coffee, and you’d better hope your parents didn’t hear about you talking to that boy alone. 112 more words


कुछ बातें..... (Kuchh Baatein)

कुछ बातें,

दिल के कमरे मे बंद हैं,

आँखों की खिड़कियों से झाकती,

ज़ुबान की दहलीज़ से आना चाहती हैं,


जाने क्यू खामोश हैं।।

क्या बात इन्हे हैं रोकती,

क्या बात इन्हे है टोकती,

क्यू सैलाब मे भी शांत हैं।

क्यों नहीं झकझोर कर ये भेद सारे खोलती,

क्यों नहीं कोश कुछ शब्द चुरा कर बोलती,

रात मे दिये की रोशनी सी ये बात है,

**** होंठो पर रोगिणी सी ये बात है,

उजली सारी पर रोली सी ये बात है,

दूर तक फैले समंदर मे कश्ती सी बात है।।

पर सिर्फ क्यू ये झाकती,

जाने क्या है चाहती,

हर शब्द चुन कर दे दिये,

फिर भी ये खामोश है,

फिर भी ये खामोश है।।

कुछ बातें।।

जाने क्यू खामोश है।

Difficulties in Listening

I’m currently sitting in the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris after spending a wonderful week back home in Poland, and though I did get up at 4am this morning I have a few slightly coherent thoughts on the subject of listening. 658 more words

Shrewsbury Folk not dead yet

Last week I went to the 50th anniversary reunion of Shrewsbury Folk Club, which hasn’t run as a weekly event for many years, but still manages to get swarms of the old crew back together from time to time for some sort of get-together. 730 more words


Dramatic Irony

I found the box where I’ve kept my old journals this week. Being the masochist I am, I read them.

What followed was the closest thing to a horror movie I hope to ever get. 436 more words

And she waited

She looked teary-eyed, Khateeja, the newly-wed wife, as she folded the bundle of pages into the envelope finishing her first hand-written letter to her better half, who departed overseas last week, soon after their marriage.  131 more words

Good Old Times