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Familiar Faces

Familiar faces

I have seen, hundreds of miles from home, familiar faces.

I rarely have the courage to speak to them or ask questions.

I would rather let them pass by… 45 more words

Gone Are Those Days

Gone are those days,
Of meadows and hay,
Of cows and lambs,
Playing children outdoor all day.

There was no fear.
None would abduct,
None would tear, 157 more words


Coffee. Each time she took that sip of cappuccino in that uptown cafe, she remembered someone. Of the beautiful memories of the years gone by. So much had changed in the past two years.

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Reminiscing the past. 

There was a complete family gathering in my hometown recently . All of us were there to pay homage to the dearly departed.

It was an eye opening experience as to how much we have changed and in which ways we are becoming something else entirely . 359 more words

Daily Excerpts


Sometimes, sitting silently at the shades of my solitude I wonder, I wonder how mystifying and obscure this life is. Absurd. How indecipherable things become from perfectly enjoying a moment to being completely drowned in the viciousness of our own isolation! 453 more words