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The Waterloo Road, Bradshaw's Hand Book (No.95)

Bradshaw says ‘..The Waterloo Road, leading to Waterloo Bridge, is a broad but ill-built thoroughfare..’.About half-way down, on the eastern side, is the Victoria Theatre,  214 more words


The Life and Times of Fanny Hill - Madame Guillotine

In a week where everyone is talking about the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey film (did anyone actually like that book? I haven’t read any of them and have no plans to do so or to see the film but it seems to have inspired unmitigated loathing everywhere. 216 more words


Mucksmäuschenstill im Kino

Nein, die erste bin ich wahrlich nicht, die sich zu The Crucible im Kino äußert. Vielleicht ist es auch gar nicht (mehr) nötig. Aber es ist noch so frisch und ein wenig juckt es mich doch in den Fingern. 649 more words

Richard Armitage

Spacey Says What!?

Whoa, Kevin Spacey just dropped some big news – after a three-year drought he’s back at the Old Vic, cheap and easy to access.

Spacey, confirmed his role as American Lawyer, Clarence Darrow, late last night in the twitter sphere. 133 more words


Theatre review - Tree by Daniel Kitson at the Old Vic

One of my theatre highlights of last year was Analog.ue by Daniel Kitson at the National Theatre. I admit to not knowing who Kitson was, being unaware of his stand up comedy work or previous writing. 390 more words


The Crucible

Old Vic/Tricycle Cinema, 7 Dec 2014

Set in late seventeenth-century Massachusetts, The Crucible brings dramatic life to the horrors of a community-wrecking witch hunt. A crafty and charismatic young woman, Abigail Williams, is incited to create mischief when honest John Proctor jilts her and returns to his young, sickly but unswervingly upright wife. 450 more words


Clarence Darrow

As a general rule, I am not much of a gusher. At times though, I am reduced to a quivering blubber of awe-struck mess.

There is little I can say about Kevin Spacey as Clarence Darrow which has not been said before – a performance for the ages, cementing Spacey’s reputation as being one of the finest of all time, a one-man tour de force and all. 251 more words