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Skull Chapel, Czermna

This is the place I have visited as a child while on an overnight camp. It left a lasted impression on me. I could not get it out of my mind and knew I will do anything to go back there again. 146 more words


Market. (rhyming)

The sun dawns and the salesmen set out for another long and exhausting day. Wearing colorful cotton to cover themselves from summer May. Sitting alongside the street, as the dust drifts up. 65 more words


How To Adult

This is a a strange, foreign, concept to me.

They teach you how to not pee yourself, how to not die, and then you’re pretty much on your own. 173 more words


Naruto (Review)

Were all of you wondering when I was going to do a feature on this anime? Are you excited? You should be, because I am here to do a review on this anime. 431 more words


Fire of Unkown Origin

As a way to start this blog off, I figured it would be important to explain the origin of the name I gave to this place. 449 more words


blood-blue bowman

he’s rain swelling in the mothers open skirts

the starving soup of venom & wings gone gray

medicine in the mouths of the blessed dead… 95 more words


10 Favorite OLD Comedies/Rom-Coms

In case, unlike me, you do not have 5 finals to study for, 3 papers to turn in, 1 extra credit assignment, 1 class journal to complete, and hudreds of pages of homework to read beside, you may be having a lazy Saturday. 53 more words