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Be Mindful Of Your Past

I’ve heard it is said often that it’s not about where you come from but where you are going. That is true. Must we not forget that our pass influences our future. 180 more words


Until I saw Sarah on that rainy Thursday night, I’d never given much thought into where the information we dole out comes from. Perhaps it doesn’t matter. 1,306 more words


Sundays were always the same. They’d been a family tradition for all of Susie’s thirty-six years. Croissants and jam for breakfast, at the table, with the patterned crockery, followed by a Sunday roast, and rounds of sandwiches and crunchy salt and vinegar crisps distilled into individual bowls in the evening with a film. 1,541 more words


I wrote this piece almost three years ago and I find it amazing to see how far I have come as a writer in this time. 2,932 more words

Day 9- December Photography Challenge

Day 9:

{Something Green} An old green tin, that my Mom has a poinsettia in.