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Loving a Predator

When I first moved to northern New Jersey from Philadelphia with my partner of over five years, I was excited by “possibilities” – for my life, and for our life together. 820 more words

Past Self

Why Do Men Misinterpret Female Politness as 'Sexual Interest'?


Can the ‘older’ dudes be so gullible, or just plain dumb (when it comes to the matters of the heart – NOOOOO, I hope NOT!!)… I.e, the ladies, we’re taught to be polite and friendly.  242 more words


A Night filled with Guys...

… especially the kind that will appreciate and admire a mind melted with a sculpted body should be enough to forget a broken heart ;-) 718 more words

Reasons Why Women Looking for older Men In new Orleans

All through the ages, the number of women dating older men has risen continuously. though it involves both benefits and drawbacks, many ladies are not worried of the drawbacks. 385 more words

Women Looking For Older Men

What kind of woman...

– wants to make men feel good about being narcissistic and self centred?
– wants to keep a ring that belongs to someone else?
– wants to keep his children’s investments? 108 more words

Amy Hopper

The homewrecker photos

A comment from the shesahomewrecker site that made me laugh – “look at the horse teeth on that one”

And her blue eyes – contact lenses. 91 more words

Amy Hopper

Amy's story on she's a homewrecker site

Amy Hopper is from England, near Portsmouth (can’t’ remember exactly where – I didn’t pay much attention to what she said because most of it was so dumb). 697 more words

Amy Hopper