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Si Sir Ariel

Si Sir Ariel ang Municipal Budget Officer


Another year

It’s my birthday and it’s been a very interesting and special year for me in a lot of ways. This year has been meaningful in so many ways… personally, professionally and evolving how I view Relationships, and the word Friendship.Today in the world of Facebook reminders it, I’ve realised the older I get the more people forget my birthday. 742 more words


Anyone who’s been in a serious relationship knows it isn’t without certain challenges, and when you’re dating an older man, especially a man significantly older than yourself, it creates a trickier situation. 425 more words

Loves stranger

Love is the most beautiful feeling we all strive to obtain. It is a common goal, whether that be physical love, emotional love or spiritual love. 438 more words

"I loved him, I loved him, I loved him. And I still love him."

I know y’all must be tired of me constantly talking about Smokey and I know it must seem like I only talk about men. But, that is the only thing giving me anything that is outside of the day to day routine. 1,120 more words

Age is Beauty: Benefits of Younger-Older Relationships

Older Men are Simply HOT! When I see a salt-and-pepper handsome face, healthy, a little arrogant, well-groomed and cared for, has a bit of spunk in his stride, looks like he takes pride in his mind and body, his spirit sends that message. 1,146 more words

Gay Men

Inside the Court

Nabigla ako nang nasalubong ko si kumareng Cindy sa Glorietta. “Pareng Don, kumusta ka na?” Si mareng Cindy ay asawa ng pinsan kong si Andy. Di ko agad siya nakilala, tumaba na kasi siya at nakapustura. 4,293 more words