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Sexism - I think it's about time we acknowledge the huge, f**king elephant in the room. 

Sexism is a f**king problem. Think of this situation as having a giant pink elephant standing in the middle of the room. Everyone notices its presence, and how ridiculous it looks just rooted there, furiously trumpeting its long pink trunk and stomping its salmon feet. 1,321 more words


The Older Man

I once got involved with a younger man. He was smart. He had substance, but his lack of years left him woefully deficient in whatever X factor makes older men so magnetic. 363 more words

A Hint Of Vanilla


I was on the app once again. Looking for someone older that could show me a good time. That’s when I met Robert.

Robert was in his 40s and had a small penis but I gave him a chance. 591 more words



It wasn’t glamorous or special but just what it was.

His name was Matt and was twice my age. We met through an app that allowed older men to connect with younger girls. 359 more words


The Top 7 Dreamiest, Extremely Old Men

Often referred to as ‘silver foxes’ or ‘dad or shags’, older men are a thing of beauty. Increasingly, young women like myself are fetishising them, and every single women’s magazine tells us that we’ve gotta give one a whirl! 798 more words

Trying To Understand

As my story has become more known I’m hearing many stories from others who attended the church of my childhood. These stories are heartbreaking and have torn me up inside. 1,277 more words

United Pentecostal Church

Chapter 17: The Good Ones are either Taken, Gay, OR JUST PLAIN STUPID.

I know I am preaching to the choir for many of you with this title. It’s so true though! Most of what we would consider to be “The Good Ones” are either already in a committed relationship, bat for the other team, or are just so stupid and such a shit show that it would absolutely ruin us if we even entertained the idea of being with them. 1,404 more words