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Extreme Misanthropy Crew / Older Men (Vic) / MSV BCP / Morte Lenta / 10.09.16

Saturday 10th September // 7pm // All-ages

“First ever Sydney show for Older Men, a band of three dads who have been in a lot of other bands and now play music that we liked when we were teenagers ordering stuff out of the ebullition and gravity records catalogs. 59 more words


Younger women dating older men in Michigan

Like many younger women dating older men, the dilemma is whether to keep it secret or to show it openly and feel no social pressure from society. 467 more words

Younger Women

Curly Fries...please come back

Back in the day, I did alright with women. Not a world class swordsman, but I had my moments.

And I always had a clear understanding of what I had, and what I didn’t.   356 more words

Loving a Predator

When I first moved to northern New Jersey from Philadelphia with my partner of over five years, I was excited by “possibilities” – for my life, and for our life together. 820 more words

Past Self

Why Do Men Misinterpret Female Politness as 'Sexual Interest'?


Can the ‘older’ dudes be so gullible, or just plain dumb (when it comes to the matters of the heart – NOOOOO, I hope NOT!!)… I.e, the ladies, we’re taught to be polite and friendly.  242 more words


A Night filled with Guys...

… especially the kind that will appreciate and admire a mind melted with a sculpted body should be enough to forget a broken heart ;-) 719 more words