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Women Looking For Older Men in Oregon

Women looking for  older men in Oregon. It may sound strange! If it was men who seek women, it would have been a normal sentence. 506 more words

Women Looking For Older Men

Tinder: Not just for the youngins anymore

So, I’m back on the scene.

I didn’t really date much for the first seven months of 2015. I then dated someone for a couple of months and now, here I am again. 760 more words


Sound Doctrine - No Blasphemy

As a pastor, better yet, as a Christian, I am responsible for what I say and do and how it reflects on Christ.
It’s not about just living it for me, 302 more words

Morning Thought With Pastor Tim

A Letter To The Grown Man I Dated When I Was Only 16

Dear Older Man I Dated As A Teen,

Do you ever think about me? Do you wonder if I’ll write about you — if I’ll take to the Internet to shout out loud about what you did to me? 966 more words

The Diary of a Callgirl 2

Dear Diary,
Does a butterfly by mere flit become a bird? Quin sa-be*!
I was with a man today, who knows the chemistry of women. He acted Karma Sutra with finesse that I envied his spouse. 152 more words


Confession: I Love Dating Older Men

Is it just me and my daddy issues, or is there something wildly attractive about an older man? Show me a man with some salt in his hair and I’ll think he’s more attractive than his non-gray friend by default. 596 more words

Older Men, Past Expiration

Rarely will you see this point of view expressed in mainstream media. In fact, the coverage of every reputable news outlet, or women’s magazine, screams the opposite. 1,771 more words

My Two Cents