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Something Like Lust 

I watched 50 Shades of Grey with my best friend, Brittley from high school a few nights ago. We had a typical girls night with facial masks and sour gummy worms. 1,097 more words


How I enjoy a fine aged wine, in company of a well aged man.

Ok how old is too old? I dont believe in such thing. I believe that if there is chemistry or better yet, love,  Then why should age matter? 667 more words

Boss Lady

How do older men find younger women?

With the increasing trend over recent years of older men seeking younger women, I often get asked several key questions. 

Firstly, many people ask me: what is it about… 511 more words

Older Men Younger Women

It's a preference, not a fetish. 

Where do I begin… I know I said my next blog entry would be all about what traits and qualities make a man “perfect” in my eyes. 773 more words


5 Pros of Dating Older (10+ years) Men

The 5 Pros of Dating Older (10+ years) Men:

1) honest/open conversations

2) he knows what he wants out of life

3) what you see is what you get – his character is probably solid by now… 654 more words


Five Lists of Five #3

ONE -Five things I did today:

  1. Visited the supermarket
  2. Picked a daisy
  3. Voted
  4. Organised clothes (still ongoing)
  5. Masturbated

TWO -Five songs I listened to today: 107 more words


What You Need To Know Before Falling In Love With An Older Man

Love knows no bounds and no limits. True love can conquer anything, right? We hear this so often, in love songs and movies, read it in books and say it to our friends. 852 more words