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“I think it’s their spirit. Not jaded yet. But also thats the range of what’s most out there and single in San Diego.”

Thats the answer I get when I ask a 38 year old man why he dates 21 year olds. 165 more words

Age Disparities 

So yeah this is what the guy looks like…I know it’s weird and slightly creepy but whatever I had a fun weekend.


Three Strikes, He’s Out!

A while back when I was twiddling on Tinder and during a time I was in between seeing Big Liar, I swiped right on a man that was in his late 40s. 643 more words


Your Theoretical Wife

I forgot to mention yesterday: J has a way of kissing my shoulder blades such that it feels a flock of butterflies is fluttering over my skin. 879 more words

What's Age Got to Do with It?

I recently posted a poll on Twitter, asking what the biggest age gap someone has experienced between themselves and someone they’ve dated has been. 54% of people said 10+ years. 663 more words


Are your Gray Hairs a Sign of Dignity or Disgrace? Titus 2 verse 2

Titus 2 verses 2

2 Older men are to be temperate, dignified, self-controlled, sound in faith, in love, and in endurance.



Context: In the last verse, Paul commanded Titus to speak to others of the good behaviors that go with those who follow the healthy teaching of the gospel. 900 more words


CGN garden settles in for autumn

November update on the Good Neighbours garden

waiting for the baked potatoes to cook

The Good Neighbours garden is now getting much more sunshine now that the big willow tree has been pollarded. 53 more words