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Change: the ultimate sneaker-upper

Oh January. How full of hope you begin and how drunk and belligerent you end.

January brings change, no matter what anyone wants. Because we’ve all got to start writing a ‘7’ instead of a ‘6’ now which is a challenge that will stay with us until about November this year and just when we finally write it automatically it’ll be January again and we’ll be drunk and belligerent that we’re still in the same damn job and we’ll still be writing ‘7’ instead of an ‘8’ well into November again. 1,512 more words

When he reminds you why you said yes ...

Mr Bee has snapped his achilles and is now in a cast for ten weeks. And he snapped it not running to save Baby Bee from a house fire. 447 more words

And finally ... Our forever nappies

Bumgenius Freetime AIO

These little tinkers are GREAT. They’re so easy –  no stuffing! – and are super absorbent. I honestly love, love, love how well they work on Baby Bee.   759 more words

Nappies I Have Known

Following on from my previous post, these are the nappies I’ve tried but haven’t worked out for us. They’re all good nappies with a solid fanbase, don’t get me wrong, and they all pretty much did the job, just not for as long as I wanted. 185 more words


Ha! I made a nappy pun.  This is a nappy update.  I lost the will to live doing all the reviews of all the nappies – I couldn’t keep up that what with all the TV boxsettery I have to do. 327 more words