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Baba & Boo

I found these lovely British nappies via a post on Ghostwritermummy’s blog during my intense research phase. I was originally looking for information on the new TotsBots Peenut (which she liked but had a ‘poor’ rating for absorbency on thenappylady so I decided to skip) and she referenced her favourite nappies as Baba & Boo. 429 more words

Charlie Banana

Every time I say Charlie Banana I hear ‘you put a banana in the tailpipe*’ in my head. BaNAna. Not like how us Brits say it: Banarrrna. 494 more words

Hey! Want some more advice?

Of COURSE you do. Because you haven’t had enough people ramming their ‘oh you must’s down your throat since you announced your pregnancy, right? So here goes: things I’ve learnt in these first four gripping months of motherhood: 428 more words

FuzziBunz One Size

Claire Witt – the vlogger whose YouTube video gave me the confidence to start fluffing Baby Bee’s butt – really raved about FuzziBunz on her vlog.   578 more words

Bambino Mio Solo

So – all the nappies have been tried, kinks ironed out and they’re all washed and ready for round two.  I think it’s fairer to review them on the second go rather than first when my ineptitude will surely be the main cause of the poo down the leg (we didn’t have that but we did have one leak which I think was down to my miss-poppering). 599 more words

Cloth Nappies - it begins

I’m a sucker for PRETTY and ever since I saw a picture of some Charlie Banana cloth nappies, I’ve been totally committed to getting them on Baby Bee’s butt. 637 more words

How I became The Geriatric Mum

When I was fifteen my class was tasked to write about what we would be doing when the millennium came. This was 1990. The millennium seemed so far away – ten years when you’re 15, is, like, forever. 582 more words