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Bonkers Klaxon Alert: Should I get a job in London?

It’s time for the back-to-work discussions.

I was totally gagging to get back to my less than inspiring job when this conversation  came up during my last maternity leave. 873 more words

Six months overdue ...

Our little girl is six months old today and I haven’t written about her at all which is TERRIBLE form. My blogging is appalling. I could’ve gestated a whole other human in the time it’s taken me to get my shit together and write this post. 778 more words

Late Bloomer- Becoming a new mom post-40

During my first year of being a mother, I have frequently been asked when I am out with my son whether he is my first and only child. 1,801 more words

The slow & difficult goodbye...

My relationship with breastfeeding this last year has been difficult. I breastfed my first son until he was 9 months and then I exclusively breastfed my second son for 14 months. 579 more words


Gentle Cesareans - how to feel part of the c-section circus

These past few weeks I’ve had the most wonderful revelation that even though I’m having another planned c-section, I can also have a real birth plan. 1,313 more words

Change: the ultimate sneaker-upper

Oh January. How full of hope you begin and how drunk and belligerent you end.

January brings change, no matter what anyone wants. Because we’ve all got to start writing a ‘7’ instead of a ‘6’ now which is a challenge that will stay with us until about November this year and just when we finally write it automatically it’ll be January again and we’ll be drunk and belligerent that we’re still in the same damn job and we’ll still be writing ‘7’ instead of an ‘8’ well into November again. 1,512 more words