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Level Ground

So, we had our first official appointment with the fertility doctor about doing an egg donor instead of IVF.

We were told to bring pictures of myself so they could match us with someone that looked like me.   387 more words

Egg Donor

Late Babies

So, I am 43, soon to be 44 and my husband is 40.  It is Late in our lives to be starting a family but it is what it is. 476 more words

Egg Donor

just relax


Just because you know ONE person in all your 60 years of life that had a baby past the age of 40, doesn’t mean that everyone can do it and that my mood is the only thing that is preventing us from getting pregnant! 93 more words

Egg Donor

When it's safe to say you should be done.

As I was lazily drinking my coffee after getting up at 5:15 on a holiday with my kids, I saw a segment on the Today show that gave me pause.   531 more words


A baby at 48?

It’s not happened. Phew! Really strange goings on at the moment, both of my kids, who promise they are not in collaboration have separately asked if it’s too late for me to have another baby now and both have said how much they would love to have a little baby around. 1,287 more words


My first mammogram, another life milestone

I just had my first mammogram. Ever. The reasons that I’ve not had one before are multiple and sort of embarrassing, but as I am attempting to practice compassion for myself, I add this to the list of things to treat gently. 321 more words

The Baby Project

I’m a late starter. The wrong side of 35, closer to 40 really… okay I’m 37years old. And 6 months ago my partner and I decided the time was finally right to have a baby. 219 more words

Trying To Conceive