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The Cougar - Gargleblaster Microstories #260

“Thirty-two,” said Sabrina.

“Thirty-two candles?” exclaimed Minette. “Honey, you still got a smokin’ body okay? But there’s no way you’re only thirty-two years old.”

“Sorry,” smiled Sabrina. 15 more words

Short Fiction

The Secret Agreement

“I’m sure we can work something out” said Carrie Adams as she put on her glasses and stepped closer to him. He was frozen with embarrassment and totally unable to speak as she stroked the side of his cheek with her left hand and playfully ran the fingers of her right hand up and down his outer thigh. 1,790 more words


The Silent Confession - part one

“Are these real handcuffs?” asked Gordon lifting a pair from the top of an old cardboard box held together with tape. “Of course they are,” replied Mrs Henderson, smiling “I was in the police for well over twenty years. 994 more words


Undertaken - 3

She looked down at Gordon with an expression somewhere between a smirk and a sneer; almost smiling, but not quite. He wondered whether it made her feel attractive in some way to get a man his age to orgasm, or if was it simply the power of being able to do whatever she wanted that she got something from, but either way, he knew that he was looking up at woman who was obviously reveling in her superiority. 308 more words


Undertaken - 2

“Are you sure Gordon? Anything?” She’d said while slowly peeling off the elbow-length black satin gloves from her arms.

He’d nodded confirmation, “Whatever you want Mrs Hargreaves. 651 more words


The Runner’s Return - two

Gordon Lister was just as embarrassed. Maybe more so. He’d not only been caught somewhere he’d been under strict instructions not to go, but he was naked and getting obviously more aroused as she stood and stared at him. 604 more words


No Respect for Privacy Known as Vengeanace

Caro Elkin

Zarina Lopez

Kamilya Omarova

Sarda Khamraeva

Aigerim Shakova


Ainur T

Saniya Karakh

Viktoriya Poryvoyeva

Kamilya Adam

Your list of ten to travel to Almaty for. 361 more words

Younger Man