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Things you have to learn to do again

I’m a reasonably handy person. I can sew a button, hammer a nail, mow a lawn….But like most households, my husband and I had a division of labor. 813 more words


Good Day

It was a good day today.  Nothing happened between us except talking.  It is easy if he doesn’t touch me, easy for him and easy for me.   448 more words


Weakened By A Touch

Let me ask you this

Is it better to regret not having done a thing?


Is it better to regret not being able to undo it once it’s done? 178 more words


The Taboo That Still Surrounds The Aging Woman

Vintage wine is savored. Vintage cars exclaimed over. Vintage clothes coveted. Yet the vintage woman remains uncelebrated. 

From the moment we are born society sets expectations of us. 227 more words

Be Good Means Being Good

Today was a good day and an easy day. I saw him a lot today and it was nice, we joked, we talked, we talked about our significant others and we were like friends. 523 more words


Be Good

I’ve tried to be a good girl at least for the last 20 years of my life. I honour my commitments, I’ve sacrificed, I’ve put others before myself. 2,143 more words



There is something about her.

She busies herself with tedious tasks, stomping

her winter boots like the good witch.

Her wrinkles take shape-



She delights in my sun- 219 more words

A Dash Of Grace