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I spiral 

You cheated on me a little over a year ago. For months. You lied to me everyday for months. And still you’ll do something that brings me back to that time. 90 more words

Alienated shopper

I WAS laid off four months ago when our news portal was shut down ‘for commercial reasons’. To cheer myself up, I thought I should do a spot of shopping – a nice frock or a pair of heels (we did get a tiny compensation). 281 more words


First blog post

Welcome to Blue Pumkin, my new lifestyle blog. Who’s lifestyle? Well I’m an English woman aged 42. I’m married. I love my home, my cats, my rabbit and baking! 73 more words

The Crystal Deception - 2

Gordon reached forwards apprehensively and tenderly rubbed the gel on Mrs Seddon’s pubic hairs causing her to moan softly as she grabbed his wrist and slowly guided his hand in small circular motions. 368 more words


The Crystal Deception - 1

“I want you to shave me.”

Gordon Lister was momentarily too stunned to speak before stammering “Er, sorry Mrs Seddon, but what did you just say?” 674 more words


Mid Life Crisis

Middle age is when you first suspect your body of betrayal..

Middle age is when everyone else suddenly becomes younger.

Middle age is when you refuse a senior discount because you’re not old enough. 224 more words