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Secrets Horses Keep

She was in the middle of the park, for goodness’ sake, sitting there with that odd little horse, cuddled up close like a pet she had taken out for a good walk. 3,026 more words

The Double Deal - Part Two

He lay exhausted staring up at the same patch of ceiling he’d looked at earlier as he tried to decide what he wanted to know first about what had happened last night, what was it that Mrs Holberg had wanted to do, and what was the point of the pictures. 1,186 more words


Dear Paul Ryan

Dear Paul Ryan,

I know you want to reduce Medicare spending.  In our current Medicare system,  5% of Medicare recipients use 30% of Medicare’s $540 billion annual resources… 1,029 more words


Should Age be a Factor While Dating?

Now for most of us, we tell ourselves age is but a number. And in many cases it’s true. But maybe you’re a guy dating an older woman or a woman dating an older man, is there an age that’s considered too big of a gap? 222 more words


Why Many Older Women Suffer from Knee Problems?

Many-a-times it has been seen that knee pain is a common condition in many older women but in case you too fall in that age bracket, you should not worry too much. 326 more words

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My Air Force Veteran's hat

As I was leaving Walmart wearing my Air Force Veteran hat, an older lady suddenly approached me. She grabbed me and exclaimed how grateful she was for all I had done for our country. 61 more words

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The corridor of power

Gordon Lister had been stood in the corner of the room sipping from a large glass of wine for over an hour before one of his mother’s friends walked slowly across the room and stopped directly in front of him. 1,602 more words