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I understand more than the ancients, because I keep thy precepts.

What is it about this modern age that has everybody scrambling to figure out how they did things in the ancient times?

“In ancient times, life was, like, 

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Ancient Barbarity

21 Things I Just Can't Anymore At 41

So, I turned 41 last year and, surprisingly, I didn’t have another panic attack the likes of which I experienced months before I turned 40 years old. 1,486 more words

Exercise, but not vitamin D, cuts injuries from falls in older women

Source: HealthDay

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Date of publication: March 23rd 2015

Publication type: News item

In a nutshell: A study which shows that… 25 more words



I hadn’t internalised the somethingness of sixty-six until I no longer was. I suspect that’s one of the least clear sentences I’ve ever written, but I know what I mean. 166 more words

Getting On With Getting On!

The Proof is in the Prada

You would think that dating, as we get older and wiser, would become a bit less anxiety ridden as we present a more self-assured, life experienced version of ourselves to a potential suitor. 1,719 more words

Bad Boys

Farrah Gray came out of thin air and is full of hot air

Yes, ladies. You have been posting some insightful one liner’s on the backdrop of some inspirational image. So months later (today specifically) I decided to have a peek at his free pdf. 51 more words