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Does Dating Someone "Older" Make For A Better Partner?

The answer of course, is yes which is why you should totally contact me. All joking aside, I think it just depends on what you want in a partner. 353 more words


Grief postponed

My first day here, around the middle of last November, I didn’t think she’d make it to her birthday. I walked into the Fogies’ little house at the retirement complex, and there was noise and excitement and hellos, and a hug from the Old Buzzard, and the Girl Child finding a vase for the flowers I’d brought, and she stood quietly waiting behind all the fuss. 743 more words

Shit Happens

Enter Stage Right. Again.

The day was met with my favorite floral china cup of strong Oolong tea, the newspaper and Arthur, my unkempt miniature labradoodle. Though the hour was often marred by the rushing of cars carrying workers to important positions in the world, I persisted. 3,060 more words

Fine Lines

Our lives are filled with lines, both literal and metaphorical. I’ve been pondering them lately: the good, the bad, and the ones you can fix with Botox. 706 more words

Iron Sharpening Iron

Good morning!

The other night my husband and I had the privilege of being invited to some friends home for dinner.  We had a lovely meal and afterwards, as we were drinking some decaf, we had a time of enlightening  conversation. 249 more words

Christian Living

Black Out

In the dark woods of eternity
black creeping,
Nothing grows inexorably….
filling the senses, smothering the breaths,
choking the words down

Split bits
Fractured ends… 134 more words


Wild Curly Hair

Here’s another of my series of portrait drawings of fabulous Baby Boomers. I’m so enjoying doing these, the conversations I’ve been having are just as important as the physical act of drawing; it’s informing and consolidating my thoughts for the future development of the work. 74 more words