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What It Means To Learn A New Skill

At some point, all those who share what they know with others will discern those who have truly learned the new skill and those who have not. 896 more words

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Mike and Mary’s retirement planning adventure

Mary and Mike, known as “M&M” to their friends, turn 62 in 2018 — the earliest age they can retire and claim their Social Security benefits. 421 more words

Do You Have These Essential Skills?

One thing that seems certain today and into the foreseeable future is that you’re going to be changing jobs more often than generations past. This has emerged and continues to do so because both employers and workers have realized the value in change. 867 more words

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Control What You Can; Namely Yourself

I suspect that you have had times in your work life where things were going on around you that you had very little if any control over. 887 more words

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So What Is Work?

Work: Do you do it because you have to, because you want to or because you need to? And lest you think having to and needing to are the same thing, I’d argue there’s a difference. 892 more words

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Thinking Career Change?

Are you considering a major change in the kind of work you do? That’s a good thing, whether you end up continuing to do what you’ve done for some time or yes, you do indeed choose to venture off in a new direction. 878 more words

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Leaving Your Mark In The Workplace

Eventually we all leave the employer we’re working with now, be it retiring, quitting outright, taking a leave of absence that turns into moving on, getting laid off or yes, even terminated. 899 more words