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Spotlight on Switzerland: Age discrimination in mobile phone tariffs?

We generally blog about age (including instances of discrimination) in relation to work rather than services though the two are not unconnected. I think we have pointed out that if, for example, older workers can’t access mortgages to buy new homes then they are likely to have less mobility within the labour market. 182 more words

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Hillary's age and health back in the headlines

We’ve blogged in the past about news coverage of Hillary Clinton’s age and health in the US presidential race, both back in 2014 and more recently in 2015 discussing the unofficial campaign hashtag  182 more words

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Companies with older workers less productive

They’ve been called a “drag on productivity” in a study that examined the performance of hundreds of companies in Britain and Germany.

It found that the more over-50s a company employed the less likely it was to increase productivity over a two-year period… 218 more words


Ageism In The Workplace: A Problem? By Bob Lowry

Ageism In The Workplace: A Problem? by Bob Lowry

The interest in having a happy retirement is pretty much universal. While the bulk of my readership comes from America, Australia supplies a healthy percentage of Satisfying Retirement readers. 497 more words

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The over 65s in work: the latest statistics

Lots of articles over the last few weeks relating to employment amongst those aged over 65 (here’s the CIPD take on this). It’s an interesting area given the relatively recent abolition of mandatory retirement (DRA) in the UK that used to kick in at that age (for men, at least – the age for women has been changing upwards and for different cohorts at different times). 320 more words

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More Older People Are Finding Work, but What Kind? - The New York Times

Older workers in the US get a bad rap. Workers age 62 and older, with a college degree, have a less than 50% chance of finding work after 2 years of actively searching; without a college degree, the likelihood falls to 35%. 71 more words

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Retirement: Different context and meaning - Japan and hip hop

Two stories about retirement caught my eye this week, not least because of their very different contexts and the different meanings of the term.

First, as reported… 296 more words

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