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Why NYC Wants to Put Old People to Work

A skilled-labor shortage has left small businesses across the country scrambling to fill positions and New York City health organizations say there’s a simple solution: hire older workers. 247 more words

'You can't blame older workers for youth unemployment'

The Letters page of the Financial Times is the source of today’s blogpost. It features this letter from Ronald Dekker, a labour economist at Tilburg University in The Netherlands, which addresses… 312 more words

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Age discrimination and office space - is open-plan anti the older worker?

Strange that we see not one but two items on age and office space in less than two weeks. Katrina blogged about generational differences as justification for the office space squeeze ealier this month. 256 more words

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Ageing, fitness and work: Where's the reward for staying fit?

I can see a bit of a theme emerging from recent posts on the topic of ageing, fitness and work.

What caught my eye today was… 288 more words

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Major flexibility push needed for older workers

Government and employers should promote and deploy flexible working as a way of keeping older workers in the workplace, the government’s business champion for older workers has said. 411 more words


O' level - Age Discrimination - a growing threat!

Ros Altmann, the government-appointed champion for older workers, said,’If everyone worked one year longer, it would add 1% to annual GDP.’

     Age discrimination, over 50’s is a growing threat to the UK talent market. 495 more words


Leveraging the Talents of Mature Employees - A report

Older adults are a valuable source of talent for organizations today and will become more valuable in the next few decades. Mature workers have experience and skills honed during decades of employment. 230 more words