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More Older People Are Finding Work, but What Kind? - The New York Times

Older workers in the US get a bad rap. Workers age 62 and older, with a college degree, have a less than 50% chance of finding work after 2 years of actively searching; without a college degree, the likelihood falls to 35%. 71 more words

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Retirement: Different context and meaning - Japan and hip hop

Two stories about retirement caught my eye this week, not least because of their very different contexts and the different meanings of the term.

First, as reported… 296 more words

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Technology for the gray at heart

My hair has long since gone from graying to gray. So I was happy to read Andy Patrizio’s article in CIO magazine debunking the myth… 533 more words


How To Get Ahead In The Organization

Not all of us are bound for glory at the top of the organization. Quite frankly, not all of us value being at the top at all. 898 more words

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Silicon Valley's Peter Pan Syndrome vs. the Aging of Aquarius

Peter Pan’s utopia was one in which boys never grew old. The alleged Neverland-like frat mentality of Silicon Valley may be among the most challenging work environments to grow old in. 1,132 more words


Age diversity in swimsuit models - courtesy of H&M?

The relative lack of older women (certainly, their lack of visibility) in the media has been a recurrent theme in this blog. Every so often an item will pop up that bucks this trend. 198 more words

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You're In The Wrong Job If...

There are two ways you can find yourself in the wrong job; you land in it right away or over time things change and what was once right is now wrong. 903 more words

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