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Leaving A Legacy

A number of long-standing employees where I work have either retired recently, or their departure is rapidly approaching. I’ve found myself thinking a bit about one in particular; a gentleman with 28 years of service I believe who was my colleague for 16 of those years; and my teammate for the last 12. 868 more words

Job Search Advice

Embodying the modern elder

Ageism. It’s a subject I’ve tended to hold at arm’s length, for two reasons. First, although I know ageism is a genuine problem in today’s workplace, it fortunately has never affected me directly. 836 more words


6 Smart Tips To Engage Older Workers

To manage the changes to Australia’s demographics, employers should start to prepare for an ageing workforce and develop strategies to manage and retain older workers, including: 279 more words

Want To Keep Your Job?

There are those folks who find getting a job relatively easy. While this may seem incredible and grossly unfair to the highly motivated people who have become extremely frustrated with prolonged job searches, you and I probably know someone for whom this is true. 909 more words


The Résumé Rider: Flying Fleas and the Senior Job Market

As the proud baby boomer owner of a Royal Enfield Bullet in military green as well as being a gypsy army brat, I was thrilled to see the company announce that it’s reviving the Flying Flea as a limited edition bike under the name Pegasus, a symbol of the British airborne divisions. 630 more words


Media Release - 2018 Budget and Older Workers

Missed Opportunity for Older Workers to Boost the Economy in the 2018 Budget

With all the rhetoric about the 2018 Budget as being good politics and reasonable economics, there has been another missed opportunity for older workers to be re-engaged back into the Australian workforce to boost the economy. 298 more words