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Job Programs for Older Workers in the US - How to to increase the availability and effectiveness

Today, a decreasing percentage of counseling, job matching, and job development services are staff-assisted. American Job Centers do not currently have dedicated staff specializing in job development and job placement for older workers. 520 more words


Helping carers to a proper pension..

How hard is it for us to get those who care for others , the same pension rights as those of us cared for by our employers? 934 more words


Over 40? Why you gain most from a strong economy

If you’ve been in the workforce for a couple of decades or longer, you may have suspected at some point — especially during the recession —that the juiciest jobs, bonuses, and training opportunities were going to people young enough to think Crosby Stills & Nash was a law firm. 363 more words


The age composition of the US labour force

It happened: Millennials are now the biggest generation in the U.S. workforce on.wsj.com/1IugHMe http://t.co/lUDjT1Rjwk
Becky Bowers (@beckybowers) May 11, 2015

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Meet 'The Reliables': the UK's older workers 

On this blog we pay attention to new labels that appear in the media relating to age groups so I was intrigued to see this item in The Express… 209 more words

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A reality check for working in retirement

More U.S. workers are counting on Social Security to be a major source of income in retirement, according to the results of a recent Gallup survey… 182 more words


Rehabing the Aging Brain: Fact or Fiction and Why Do It?

Everyone gets older, if they care for their health and manage their stress level. But as we grow older, what negative consequences await us? Are we going to become slower in our cognitive efforts and, consequently, less creative and less work worthy? 1,042 more words