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How To Get Ahead In The Organization

Not all of us are bound for glory at the top of the organization. Quite frankly, not all of us value being at the top at all. 898 more words

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Silicon Valley's Peter Pan Syndrome vs. the Aging of Aquarius

Peter Pan’s utopia was one in which boys never grew old. The alleged Neverland-like frat mentality of Silicon Valley may be among the most challenging work environments to grow old in. 1,132 more words


Age diversity in swimsuit models - courtesy of H&M?

The relative lack of older women (certainly, their lack of visibility) in the media has been a recurrent theme in this blog. Every so often an item will pop up that bucks this trend. 198 more words

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You're In The Wrong Job If...

There are two ways you can find yourself in the wrong job; you land in it right away or over time things change and what was once right is now wrong. 903 more words

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Tata Steel and the impact on older workers

Debate about the consequences of the Tata Steelworks rescue scheme rumbles on. This article on The Week website highlights the likely impact of the current proposal on older workers. 205 more words

Obesity And Job Searching

Anyone who has accepted an offer of my help, or who has indeed sought out my personal advice will tell you that I will show little hesitation to point out what I perceive as barriers to employment. 876 more words

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The New Hire And The Trainer

Congratulations on your new job! So you’ve had a few days on the job, and you’re working under the guidance of a co-worker who has been asked to take you under their wing and essentially teach you both how to do the job and more importantly how to do the job the way the company expects you to. 872 more words

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