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Health care reform hasn’t changed older workers’ labor supply—yet

Researchers have been curious about how the availability of nonemployer-tied medical insurance offered through health care reform would affect retirement. If new options, such as subsidized nongroup policies and expanded Medicaid coverage, led to shorter work lives, it could undermine public policies developed to encourage later retirement. 540 more words

I'm Big On Enthusiasm

Have you noticed the word, ‘Enthusiasm’ more and more embedded in job postings as a desired quality employers are looking for? I sure have. Look for yourself in the job postings you see. 899 more words

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How To Stick Around In The New Job

Frustrated with trying to keep a job once you get hired but it seems over and over they let you go before your probation is up? 893 more words

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"What Should I Do? What Should I Be?"

Find yourself pondering the BIG question; “What do I want out of Life?” You know, trying to decide your purpose, your career goal; that ‘thing’ you were destined to do and be great at. 891 more words

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Reflecting On 1st Impressions

Talk to anyone about an upcoming job interview and you’re likely going to be reminded to make a positive first impression. Mention you’ve got an important meeting coming up with people you’ve never met before and you get the same advice; you’ve got to make a strong first impression. 884 more words

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Your Own Northern Star

In our night sky there is a star which sits almost directly above the north pole on the Earth’s axis. From our vantage point it seems to be a fixed object around which all the other stars rotate; making it an excellent stationary point from which to navigate and chart one’s place and / or progress. 877 more words


Diversity tips for understanding age diversity

So. As you can see from my LinkedIn profile photo, I am no longer 30 and I have lived long enough now to understand some of the differences between age; and more importantly, the differences in how the same language is perceived by different age groups. 1,590 more words