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Older Works

I did not just start my artwork when I reached University level. In high school (and prior), I studied IB Higher Level Visual Arts. This was an art studio centered around the freedom of creation, artwork and us being able to develop our own artistic process as young students. 137 more words



Broken spirit like broken glass

Shattered into a million pieces

Empty eyes and tear-stained cheeks

A hollow shell is left

Broken dreams like broken wings… 98 more words


Sister, I See You

Sister, sister I see you

With those thick glasses

Braces and clarinet reeds

Short skirts and itty bitty waist

Sister, sister I see you

With contact lenses… 142 more words


Killer Lolita

For the digital story: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/killerlolitastory

He had picked the perfect hunting ground. The girls here were perfect and he couldn’t choose one. Teenage girls dressed in the costume play culture known as Lolita filled the street.  504 more words


The Storm's Symphony

Rain fell heavily. It sounded like a chorus upon the rooftop. It resembled a thousand tiny feet hitting the ground like obedient soldiers marching. They were the kind of raindrops that came from thick black clouds, the kind of clouds that hide the sky from view. 160 more words


Vibes in the NP3 Kitchen

Colored pencil on paper, 7″ x 14″ (2006)

Older Works