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No One.

Anytime you read a novel, the most interesting, the most loved characters are those which are flawed. The ones which make the wrong decisions, and with whom you relate to. 376 more words


Older Works *

Whoopiedeedoo!  Happy Blog Day!

These first few pieces I’ve uploaded are previous works, made before the birth of this blog. They published as though I wrote them all in one day. 33 more words

Older Works

Silenced *

November 2014

We live in a culture that objectifies women so thoroughly, on so many levels, we often fail to clearly see or name our own victimization. 138 more words


Cookies as Bridges or Shop Like It's Party-time *


I went shopping the other day. This is not something I like to do, and as I age, I like it less. I don’t enjoy spending money, especially since it is not an abundant resource for me. 462 more words

Older Works

Who am I? *

In one of my homeschooling parents’ groups, there were peeps ranting about who they are and what they believe, some fighting bitterly over their precious labels. 104 more words


Who We Are *


I’ve been actively homeschooling for 22 years.
22 continuous years of homeschooling my children.
Jeez, that is a long time. And I’m not finished. 297 more words