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"This Story is Dated."

I recently had the opportunity to finally pick up and read a classic of science fiction, E.E. “Doc” Smith’s Triplanetary.  I’d had the paperback sitting on my shelf for quite some time, but had only in the last couple of months gotten around to reading it.  907 more words



A sneaky study of a classmate this past summer.

Digital Art

March Third

An older digital piece about maintaining balance and getting enough rest.

Digital Art

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I make a mean lasagne. I could eat it every day but hate washing saucepans so guess what – I don’t want to make lasagne every day. 237 more words

Studio Blog

Older Works

A few years ago, when I was first becoming interested in photography, I created this blog as a portfolio to show and share my photos. Since then I have not only changed the use of my blog, I have greatly refined and improved my photography skills, and so I felt it was necessary to give my older works their own page. Feel free to explore.

Older Works

Older Works

I did not just start my artwork when I reached University level. In high school (and prior), I studied IB Higher Level Visual Arts. This was an art studio centered around the freedom of creation, artwork and us being able to develop our own artistic process as young students. 18 more words



Broken spirit like broken glass

Shattered into a million pieces

Empty eyes and tear-stained cheeks

A hollow shell is left

Broken dreams like broken wings… 98 more words