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Mortality and the Longest Living Creatures

From the day we are born, our days are numbered.  We must choose our causes and commit ourselves because we cannot do everything, and we shouldn’t try.   466 more words


AskST: Are there sports that people above 30 can excel in and do well enough to represent Singapore?

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

Reader Trina wanted to know if there are sports that people aged 30 and older can excel at and possibly do well enough in to represent Singapore at international sporting meets. 355 more words

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August 23rd 2016 - New Zealand Day 3

Today I woke up at about 7:00am. I had a pretty lazy day today but I had some house keeping stuff I had to do. I needed to dump my waste water, and pickup fresh water. 495 more words


Can You Pick The Oldest Celebrity?

So, who’s older… Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx, or Rob Lowe? The results may surprise you.

Can you pick the oldest celebrity from this list from Buzzfeed.com without cheating? 10 more words


A prayer for Machli

Tonight send up a silent prayer for Machli, as she hangs onto life by a thin thread.

She has many firsts: she is the world’s most photographed, the oldest living wild specimen, mother and grandmother to many and of course, and 50 per cent of the bloodline of tigers in Ranthambore and Sariska are hers and she even has a postage stamp dedicated to her. 653 more words


Fun Fact Friday: Greenland Sharks!

You have probably seen this in the news today, but just in case anyone didn’t or just saw the title and didn’t click on to read on.. 125 more words


What You Need To Overcome In Order To Find Love, Based On Your Birth Order


Oldest children love being in charge and feeling like they’re in complete control. They love when people come to them for advice almost as much as they love giving advice. 846 more words