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Texas Hold Em Tricks - How To Use The Oldest Trick In The Book

It’s the oldest Texas Hold Em trick in the book. But do you know it? And are you using it properly? Read on for a new twist on an old favourite. 27 more words

9,000-year-old Skull is Oldest Known American Ritual Decapitation

Academics generally accept that decapitation was practiced by Amerindians. Yet the practice may have been both older and more widespread, and may even have been performed for different reasons, than previously known. 13 more words

Evidence of New World's oldest decapitation found

Scientists digging at rock a shelter in Brazil have discovered evidence of human decapitation that dates back 9,000 years, making it oldest case ever seen in the New World. 594 more words

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Ready for Some Neanderthal Rock? Hear World's Oldest Instrument (43,000 y.o.)

The haunting music you hear above comes from a 43,000 year old Neanderthal bone flute. That’s right, I said ‘bone’ flute. It is believed that this instrument was made from the bone of a bear. 84 more words