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An Elegy for America's Oldest Bald Eagle

At age 38, Eagle #629-03124 has died after being struck by a car. This bird had the remarkable distinction of being the oldest banded Bald Eagle in the country–and… 83 more words

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Astronomers find evidence of oldest stars in ancient galaxy


For the longest time, Population III stars, which formed in the very early years of the universe, were nothing but a theory. Now, some astronomers led by David Sobral from the University of Lisbon in Portugal believe they’ve found evidence of these ancient, massive celestial bodies within an extremely bright (and old) galaxy. 281 more words

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What the ####?! Issue 38

Hearing the news that there may be possible of ground frost in the UK tonight is quite hard to believe knowing we are in summer and there has been some gorgeous weather around. 827 more words


KNX On Your Corner: Oldest McDonald's

(KNX 1070) – There are literally thousands of McDonald’s restaurants in the U.S. and around the world.

But as Chris Sedens reports, if you’d like to check out the world’s oldest McDonald’s, just head to the corner of Florence and Lakewood. 6 more words

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The World's Oldest Trees - Majesty

Majesty, Nonington, England, 2005

Now on a private estate, this aristocratic tree boasts a girth of more than 40 feet with a hollow trunk, and towers 62 feet above the grassy mound upon which she stands. 24 more words

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Indie Summer Reading List: "Voices in St. Augustine"

Thirteen-year-old Joey Johnson hears voices. Only he can’t find the people who belong to them. His curiosity leads him on a quest where he learns more than just history about the Nation’s Oldest City. 96 more words

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