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Backstage Pass: Savile Row

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Savile Row: Home to the most famed tailors of menswear on the planet. Steeped rich in centuries-old history, service to British monarchy, and a touch of mystery. 300 more words

18 Years an Older Sister

I never thought that I would have a sister.

For 15 years, I was an older sister to one brother. Being only 14 months younger than me, Isaac and I grew up together. 411 more words


Oldest Men and Women in the world

Supercentenarian cases

These notable living supercentenarian cases, in descending order of claimed age, with full birth and review dates, have been updated within the past two years, but have no publicly available early-life records to support them. 398 more words


Suicide Note

Only teachers wake up at 5:30 am on Saturday morning on the first day of Thanksgiving break thinking of ways to help their kids. Only teachers go to work sick for two days because they know their kids need them there. 618 more words

Oldest Preserved Spider Web Dates Back to Dinosaurs

Sapphire Gemstones
RARE Gem Opal Fossil Clamshell
Rare Gem Opal Fossil Clamshell 60.52 carats-Gorgeous
The Blue Belle of Happiness 10 Most Precious Gemstones 20 Diamond-Alternative Gemstones for Engagement Rings… 23 more words

How Do You Deal With Stress?

How do you deal with stress? I can get quite irritable and unreasonable when I’m feeling pressured, and have been known to explode in anger, or get impatient at the silliest things. 554 more words


My Oldest Son

My oldest son is 33 today. He was born at 5:15 am (Pacific Time) on 11.7.1982. (See the picture above? That’s me 33 years ago when I was bringing him home from the hospital.). 352 more words