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Momma Bird

Amidst my two weeks of travel, a bird has set up its nest right outside our back door. Perched atop the lamp post, with bits of mulch and sticks and even a little recycling, Momma Bird sits atop her eggs waiting for their lives to come to be. 1,219 more words

Italian researcher discovers most ancient Koran in the world

Alba Fedeli, an Italian researcher at the University of Birmingham, has discovered  the oldest fragment of the Koran in the world in the University archive. The fragment dates back to the VI or VII century: an incredible datation since, according to the Muslim tradition, the Prophet Muhammad was dictated the Holy Book by God in the VII century. 20 more words


A lovely home and studio in Sweden's oldest town

I enjoy how there are locations which hold unique memories, don’t you? Sweden’s oldest town of Sigtuna, just outdoors Stockholm is one particular of those for me. 40 more words


You the oldest sibling? Just say Bollocks to new research.

Dear Brothers (both younger, adults, but needing direction):

Remember the research on margarine vs. butter? This falls on the same playing field. Don’t believe everything you read. 115 more words


'I'll be there for you...' - A dedicated post for my oldest friends!

Update: Part 2 of my earlier post will be up soon. The getting Up part of life, once you have fallen Down, is a lengthy topic to discuss. 821 more words

Memories And Experiences

Lost Both Of My Boys

In 1973 I lost my oldest and closest brother to suicide. I was 23 at the time he was 30. I never cried but didn t know why. 80 more words

World's Oldest Man Dies Aged 112

Sakari Momoi from Japan has died at the age at the age of 112.

Hailing from Fukushima, the former school teacher was officially recognised as the world oldest man back in August of last year, pictured above. 379 more words