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Picture of the Day: The Original Selfie Stick, 1934

Photographer Unknown via Bleckplump on Imgur

Could this be the first iteration of the modern-day selfie stick? Back when sticks were actual— sticks?

I couldn’t dig up more info on this photo, but according to the… 60 more words


NOTHING LAST FOREVER Take a Look at This Photos.

The best things of yesterday are no more today.

The one of today will be no more tomorrow. Therefore think well becauseĀ  life is full of vanity. 6 more words


10 Oldest Living State Leaders

Ever want to know the ten oldest living state leaders? Yes? Well this article lists the 10 oldest living representatives of head of state or head of government (prime minister, president, monarch) whose age can be proven beyond reasonable doubt. 453 more words

Donald Trump FULL Press Conference Staten Island, NY (4-17-16) - YouTube

Right Side Broadcasting

FULL replay of the Donald J. Trump for President Press Conference in Staten Island, NY at the Hilton Garden Inn beginning at 11:30 AM EDT. 25 more words


Hiding My Age

Sometimes while at my job, someone on the telephone comments about age, “It might have been an older colleague that I spoke to before?” It might be, but I’m afraid, I’d have trouble finding one though, being one of the oldest in the shop. 375 more words


World's Oldest William McKinley Statue (plus a Buster Keaton Tribute Statue)

Hello, road warriors, world travelers, and armchair explorers!

In the midwest and looking for some historical roadside attractions? Want to impress your friends with obscure information? 497 more words

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