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This Weekend: February Celebrations

Join host Alan Seltzer on “The Grooveyard” Saturday night at 7 PM when we feature artists celebrating birthdays this month.  We’ll share a six-pack of hits by Fats Domino in honor of his 89th birthday this Sunday.  98 more words


Over Under Sideways Down

“Over Under Sideways Down” was released in 1966 by the English rock group the Yardbirds. On the studio recording, Jeff Beck played both the lead guitar and bass guitar. 45 more words


Flashback Friday #FBF - 5th Dimension, Age of Aquarius

With the recent discovery of new planets this song seems to be appropriate for a Friday. Age of Aquarius from The Fifth Dimension is as old as I am so its a great Flashback Friday tune.

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លួចស្នេហ៍ដូចច័ន្ទ Loch Snaeh Doung Chan - Ros Sereysothea Lyrics

បទ៖ លួចស្នេហ៍ដូចច័ន្ទ
ច្រៀង៖ រស់ សេរីសុទ្ធា

១- ច័ន្ទអើយរះសែនល្អម្លេះទេ ប៉ុន្តែមាសមេរអ្នកនៅអ្ហើយ សែនឆ្ងាយ
ថ្ងៃណាបានណែបណិតកាយ បើនៅឆ្ងាយ ឈោងមិនដល់។

២ – ខ្ពស់អើយអើយសែនខ្ពស់ម្លេះណា⁣⁣ ពន្លឺភ្លឺថ្លាគួរឲ្យអ្ហើយ ចាប់ចិត្ត
បើសិនខ្ញុំជាគូរពិត នាំដួងចិត្តខ្ញុំទៅជាមួយផង។

(បន្ទរ) តើអ្នកដឹងទេ ខ្ញុំលួចស្នេហ៍យូរហើយ ម្តេចឡើយបានជា អ្នករះធ្វើព្រងើយ
ច័ន្ទអើយសូមមេត្តាខ្ញុំផង ស្នេហ៍ស្នងស្ងាត់សូន្យឈឹង 132 more words