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'Receive The Temple Blessings' Design Spread

A blog post by Brookynn Jarvis


I had the wonderful opportunity to create a magazine spread for my design class and use a talk by Richard G. 1,338 more words


Analysis of classic turn of the century book cover fonts by Peter Leitch

I will be looking at the type face of my favorite book “The Lost World” written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!

Original ^

The first font is a bold Oldstyle font. 175 more words

Reverse Engineer

Typefaces for the Bold

A Little Intro:

I found this inspirational quote online and I thought it made clear use of contrasting typefaces.  I got the image from this URL from pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/654288652084365692… 414 more words


Contrasting Fonts? Just Do It.

This image was obtained from designbeep.com. It is a print advertisement created by the firm Wieden + Kennedy. It is one in a series of ads that compared Nike shoes to elements of nature, advertising shoes that are somewhat waterproof. 264 more words


The Secrets of Typography


Designer: Jefton Sungkar with Interbrand Sydney Australia

Original Design: http://www.cloakanddagger.net.au

Cloak & Dagger, a fine clothing company, has a great design for their logo as well as a clear title due to an aesthetically pleasing choice of contrasting typefaces. 206 more words

COMM 130

Fun and Contrasting Typography

I found this cute ad on https://nutmegcreative.com/blog/seamless/.  I was instantly drawn to this ad because of the colors used and the contrasting typography. These ads are apparently all over New York on the subway. 389 more words

Reverse Engineer Post

Typography of Love

The above image was found simply by looking on my mothers bookshelf. The cover of this book, Love Does by Bob Goff, has four of the major typefaces we have studied. 228 more words