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SSIS Project with OLE DB Source and Kingwaysoft Destination

In this project we will create a project SSIS that will update a 10 field of entity, so i added a Data flow that contains an OleDB SOURCE that contains a sql query and a KingwaySoft destination that will update the 10 fields. 30 more words

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

Getting totals from saved reports

So after I’ve run the loop from the previous post I’m left with 8 workbooks sitting in a folder (that’s two values of parameter 2 for each of the four values of parameter 1). 241 more words


A simple Registration Form using Windows Form C# or VB with MS Access !!

Hey Guys,

It’s long time to see you again with this post. I am in new team and i would like to share my experience that i have gained in my previous team, where i work mostly with windows Form, SQL, Controls, ASP.NET, JS and lot more interesting… 1,793 more words


Using OLE DB Data Source in SSIS

A data source in SSIS package is something which helps us to connect to the source of data like RDBMS, CSV File, Excel File, etc. and pull the data out. 270 more words


Reading Excel in c#

Reading excel is the piece of cake but for me its took some trail and errors and here is the post about it. The module flow as follows, 270 more words


Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance


You are an ETL developer for a mortgage company. In your application you have to load data from a Microsoft Excel source and an OLE DB source. 15,107 more words