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Pictures of healing for the new year

Happy new year, studio fans! For my first post of 2017 I’m pleased to share our success with growing turmeric and making turmeric powder. The process is a labor-intensive yet a very satisfying endeavor. 290 more words

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I have a gold mine in ʻōlena

ʻōlena.  Turmeric (Curcuma domestica), a kind of ginger; used medicinally and as a source of dyes  . . . —Pukui and Elbert

Today’s harvest yielded this bounty of ʻōlena, or turmeric. 266 more words

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Defining without difference

Political scientists and academics seem to spend as much time explaining what something is as they spend explaining what it shows or does. To do this, they often also have to state what something is like and therefore also what it is not. 681 more words


Lusessita listens to Olèna

This time I’d like to introduce you to a French artist residing in Reykjavik. Olèna, also a member of the Asonat band is a singer, music producer and a lyricist. 217 more words


Two Days to go 'til the Big Birthday

NINE years. Nine. So long I waited to become a mom and, poof, they’re going to be nine.

(If they’re lucky, and with two days left, they better make it.) 419 more words


Valentine's Day -- the Sweetest Day

I was signed up for Olena’s Valentine’s Day party. On top of keeping Theo in check this winter, and dealing with Gretchen who seems to just want to fight, I almost forgot about it when my lovey girl reminded me. 354 more words