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To The Nurse Who Made Me Cry

It was nurses week recently and I am forever grateful to the many we have met along the way. One thing about being a NICU mom, then a NICU alumni, you know that the doctors are good for updates, but those nurses are in the trenches with you and they are the ones who will make you the most comfortable with whatever diagnosis, trial, tribulation… you may be facing. 497 more words


April 17th, 2015

I woke up and asked Rebecca about the root she had left me last night. It is called Olena, and it is a distant cousin to the ginger plant. 289 more words

One Year In Hawaii

Blemish Balm Elixir

Ayurvedic Recipe | Organic & Vegan | Antiseptic & Noninflammatory

 Ayurveda says that when one is faced with skin problems, it means that something is wrong with the body.   786 more words


Then, There's These Two

 I must admit, I do tend to tell my friends about every little thing that Theo does. Not because it’s earth-shattering, but, as a special needs parent when your kid does something spectacular you like to shout it from the mountain. 313 more words


Welcome to OLENA Math

Over the summer, Olena made up a game. This game is not based on baseball in any way shape or form. We jokingly called it Olenaball. 393 more words


Dental Bonding -- It's All Good

Teeth. Let me tell you, I’ve had it with you.

But, now, it’s my teeth that are causing problems. Years of grinding unknowingly (since high school — anxiety? 416 more words


Apartment in Kiev by Olena Yudina

By Jessica • 21 mins ago

This chic apartment is located in Kiev, Ukraine.
It was designed by Olena Yudina, and makes extensive use of white surfaces to enhance its luminous interior. 10 more words