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First mission

“I don’t know how you did things in the Tyrian Tanks or Praesidia, but us Ignis frontliners put our barriers up from start and don’t take them down until the mission is over.” The redhaired soldier wriggled the spacesuit over his shoulders as he talked. 2,481 more words

The Sci-fi-verse


“And there I was, flat on my back, weapon on the other end of the galaxy, and this scrapyard monster of an MT towering over me, lifting it’s ugly metal foot to crush my skull, and all I could think of was how pissed the captain would be when he got to know I ruined my third helmet.” 1,056 more words

The Sci-fi-verse



Captain Avril’s voice was loud enough for the whole training hall, even if there were only seven soldiers to shout orders to in here. Haylen and the other two new meats stood at attention in one line, the four older members of team 1 in another. 1,311 more words

The Sci-fi-verse

Live Archive Part 2: Olena and Valeria

Something Lost – A Musical Dramatic Experience

By Olena Hrynkiw and Valeria Gulia

Concept Outline

The event is a concert wherein a live ensemble of bandurists play the musical score for the theatrical performance on stage. 841 more words


The Norwalk High School Class of 1907 rose to a cold Saturday morning, January 26, 1907: five degrees above zero. As far as I can tell from perusing that day’s newspapers, they all woke in their own warm beds. 377 more words

Pictures of healing for the new year

Happy new year, studio fans! For my first post of 2017 I’m pleased to share our success with growing turmeric and making turmeric powder. The process is a labor-intensive yet a very satisfying endeavor. 290 more words

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I have a gold mine in ʻōlena

ʻōlena.  Turmeric (Curcuma domestica), a kind of ginger; used medicinally and as a source of dyes  . . . —Pukui and Elbert

Today’s harvest yielded this bounty of ʻōlena, or turmeric. 266 more words

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