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It's Hard to be a Sibling

Sometimes it’s hard to be a kid.

Sometimes it’s very hard to be a sibling.

Being a sibling to someone with special needs? Very difficult. 558 more words


One Night With Olena

He sees her still, her spacious eyes

Look up at him from on the bed

She’s parked for good inside his head

He knows now love he can’t disguise

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Olena Asks How She Looks

He said

You’re beautiful

Beauty, like stars and flowers

Full, like my heart



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Olena wants him now, although he’s
Nowhere she can find —
But she will have him anyhow,
She has him in her mind

Now from her thoughts to body, there’s… 17 more words

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Been Stung, and Survived

Yesterday, while the kiddos and I were out playing in the backyard, I made the careless mistake of putting my flip-flops on, instead of my sneakers. 391 more words


To The Nurse Who Made Me Cry

It was nurses week recently and I am forever grateful to the many we have met along the way. One thing about being a NICU mom, then a NICU alumni, you know that the doctors are good for updates, but those nurses are in the trenches with you and they are the ones who will make you the most comfortable with whatever diagnosis, trial, tribulation… you may be facing. 497 more words