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#Awkward: My First Experience Using the Olio App

Let me tell you about my first Olio experience…

So ‘what is Olio?’ I hear you ask. Well, Olio is an application that allows you to take photographs of unwanted food items and list them as available for others to pick up. 826 more words


Share your unwanted food easily with OLIO today 

Do you have a few lonely lemons?

Do you have packet of bread sauce that you will never eat?

Have you got a few crunchy apples but you can’t eat because of toothache? 385 more words


Peacock and Olive

One morning while I was in the middle of my semestral break, I happened to glance on a little peacock origami that I made just a few days earlier, and I thought, why not make an oil painting? 194 more words


Insalata di Arance


Sapevate che la parte bianca sotto la buccia delle arance è ricca di Pectina? Una fibra utile per il benessere dell’intestino. Inoltre sono frutta tipica di questa stagione. 89 more words


Olio - January 8, 2016 - The Sleep Edition

Olio: a miscellaneous collection of things

Today has been a gray, sleepy day, which reminds me ….

I came across 2 articles online recently related to sleep, thus this special Sleep Edition of Olio. 325 more words


Sul nuovo numero: Caro 2016 ecco che Italia vorremmo

“Salute? Prosperità? Felicità? Facciamo un gioco: in questo Natale scriviamo una letterina in cui chiedere, per il nostro Paese, un anno migliore. Caro 2016…ecco che Italia vorremmo”. 308 more words


Olio - Novotel's Second Homerun

Olio is Novotel’s Italian restaurant which specialises in everything Italian. I had previously been invited to the square for its lavish Sunday brunch which consisted over a zillion dishes. 1,678 more words