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Why I am crying in the Lisbon airport

So, here I am pulling my black just-within-airline-regulation-size suitcase behind me and weaving my way through the Lisbon airport, on the way to Milan, crying. 665 more words


Rethinking everyday space in Palestine through the olive

‘You know something, Palestine is a pretty nice place to be right now.’

The sentence above is one I wrote two months ago after a day’s olive picking in Palestine. 1,029 more words


Celebrate the Harvest!

In the United States, one hallmark of fall is the plethora of pumpkin activities in primary classrooms across the nation.  We weigh, measure, scoop, count, taste, decorate, and create projects and crafts galore, inspired by the round orange gourd which is so symbolic of autumn. 64 more words

The Holy Land: Living Stones

Changing times

It’s harvest time in Yunquera! The sound of tree shakers reverberates throughout the campo, and you see men setting the nets, or preparing a campo lunch, everywhere. 277 more words


Permission to Farm My Land

November 16, 2015 | Meta Peace Team, Phoenix | Occupied Burin

Land stolen by Israeli Settlers, that once Palestinians used for orchards, farming and livestock.  Now whenever Palestinians want to harvest or tend to their orchards (what is remaining after Israeli army had uprooted trees and Settlers have purposely burned down acres of trees) , on their land , they must receive a permit from the Occupying Israeli government. 309 more words

Olive harvest at Frantoio Loreti in Gualdo Tadino

Every year in October and November is the time to harvest the olives in Umbria. In 2014 we had a terrible harvest: a combination of bad weather (a mild winter and rain in summer) led to Italy’s most disastrous olive harvest. 357 more words


Fall's Arrival

The changing of the season always takes me by surprise. Even though it happens each year, I am always struck by how it manages to creep in, quietly, doing its work in the night. 195 more words

On The Road