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Olive Kitteridge: notes 5


Rebecca Brown has never stolen before, steals a magazine from a dentist’s office because she wants to finish a story she was reading in it, finishes reading it on the bus home, it ends sadly, she drops the magazine and it flips to an add for a smock-like shirt, Rebecca decides to order one for her boyfriend David… 713 more words


Olive Kitteridge: notes 4

Basket of Trips

Olive accompanies Molly Collins to the funeral service of Ed Bonney, he and his wife Marlene were Olive’s students once, Olive and Molly skip going to the cemetery and go to Marlene’s instead to set up food for the gathering afterward… 1,112 more words


The One-In-a-Million Boy by Monica Wood

I really enjoyed Monica Wood‘s book Ernie’s Ark a few years ago and wrote here on bookconscious that I liked it much better than  252 more words

Olive Kitteridge: notes 3

A Different Road

Henry and Olive have suffered a crisis event that Cynthia Bibber says her daughter can help with, both have changed drastically, grown distant from other people socially… 1,117 more words


Olive Kitteridge: notes 2

Piano Player

Angela “Angie” O’Meara is a natural-born piano player at the Warehouse Bar and Grill in Crosby, Massachusetts, has wavy red hair and kind wrinkles, fifty years old… 1,123 more words


Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout

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Olive Kitteridge us a novel made by thirteen stories, but it’s also the name of the character who is the recurring element. 221 more words


Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout

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Olive Kitteridge è un romanzo costituito da tredici racconti, ma è anche il nome del personaggio che è anche il filo conduttore della storia. 204 more words