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Love at First Squint

A grocery store chain in our area has a private label brand called Fit & Active. I’ve tried a few of the products designed for… 291 more words


Happy Birthday Popeye the Sailor Man

Who remembers the fictional comic strip characters Olive Oyl, Swee’Pea, Bluto, Castor Oyl, J. Wellington Wimpy, and of course that muscular, spinach eating seaman, Popeye the Sailor Man? 180 more words


Character Reference

For initial designs and research I looked into some of the characters from the Golden Age Years of animation, seeing as the style we are most interested in is that of the fallout series, which draws it’s inspiration from older cartoons and, we are rather interested in the animation style of this era. 647 more words

Creative Futures

4 Line Stories: Strong To The Finish 

After winning Olympic gold for rowing in the 1928 Summer Games

Popeye went on to movie stardom

He became an advocate for organically grown spinach… 33 more words


I love Olive

Maybe posting this is going to encourage terrible comments. I hope not. I just spent too much time looking at one-star reviews on Yelp and I am not feeling great about people’s opinions right now. 60 more words

Comics & Cartoons

Rained Out

I  Just got caught in a gigantic rainstorm having to run home drenched, looking like Olive Oyl in my vintage Diane von Furstenberg  little sundress, when I came blasting through the front door. 105 more words