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Ugh, there’s nothing good on TV during the weekends. I’ve heard of this show, and just stopped on it today. I know it’s produced by Bryon Allen, as a companion show to that other horrible sitcom he’s making, … 767 more words


Like Crazy (2011)

Briton Anna (Felicity Jones) is a university student in Los Angeles. She leaves a note for her teaching assistant, Jacob (Anton Yelchin), on the windshield of his car and the two begin a relationship. 347 more words


Like Crazy (2011)

First Love. Long-distance. Longing. Heartaches. Separations. I bet most have experienced this once or twice, if not more.

This film is just raw, real and not sugar-coated! 330 more words


Like Crazy

Anna (played by Felicity Jones) is British and completing her studies in Los Angeles. One day she takes the plunge and approaches Jacob (by Antonio Yelchin) who she as been attracted to for ages. 291 more words


A Conversation With Actor Oliver Muirhead

Oliver Muirhead has a sense of familiarity about him. He’s a person you feel comfortable with when you see him on-screen. It’s almost as if you’ve known him for years and the truth of the matter is, you probably have. 2,435 more words


Like Crazy (2011)

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of painful romance movies.  Real life isn’t tied up in nice little pretty bows, and relationships and romance aren’t as easy and moronically banal as 90% of rom-coms tell us they are.   190 more words

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