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Stolen Moments

Soft candlelight.  The aroma of a good red wine wafting up from the wine glasses on the table.  The anticipation of romance, and of finally being in the place you want to be, with the person you want to be with.   721 more words

Blonde - All Cried Out ft. Alex Newell (Oliver Nelson Remix)

We already told you – the summertime jams are coming! Taking on Blonde’s All Cried Out, Oliver Nelson transforms the 90s-esque, dance hit into a smooth, nu disco number, full of sensational synths and funky rhythms. 36 more words

Nu Disco

Blonde - All Cried Out feat. Alex Newell (Oliver Nelson Remix)

According to the official Shazam Twitter account All Cried Out by Blonde was the most Shazam’d(?!) song on the UK Dance Charts. I’m going to be honest and tell you I had no idea that Shazam even had charts that were more specific than first most Shazam’d song, second most Shazam’d song, third most etc. 96 more words


Blonde - All Cried Out feat. Alex Newell (Oliver Nelson Remix)

Oliver Nelson, you dirty, disco dog, you.

Just when I thought your music couldn’t get any better you go and do something like this.


Daily Satisfaction - Blonde - All Cried Out (Oliver Nelson Remix)

Brand new Oliver Nelson song, this time with his remix of ‘All Cried Out’. It has taken the awesome vocals and put his own unique sound around them, give it a listen.


Daily Satisfaction

Stolen Moments

Mais um sobre Jazz. Ta começando a me incomodar. O próximo vai ser algum rock.

Mas eu entrei no YouTube hoje e vi na minha primeira página essa música Stolen Moments, do Oliver Nelson. 28 more words