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Retro Sharkbait Village: The Screaming Woman

The leather lesbian nuns who raised me buried many a thing in that veiny backyard, behind our dungeon, as I grew up. But, I tell you every single one of those priests (and unrepentant Republican house speakers) truly deserved it! 325 more words


Trivial Matters #30 - Oscar Siblings

If the Internet is to be believed, today is Sibling(s) Day (a.k.a. Parents’ Poor Financial Decisions Day). Coming from a family of four, this is a particularly meaningful day for me, and also for my three sisters; when I called my oldest sister and told her about this article, before hanging up she allowed me to post the photo below, albeit begrudgingly and with the caveat that I do not use her name. 742 more words


Libel (1959) - reviewed by George

Olivia de Havilland gets top billing over Dirk Bogarde in the print I saw on TCM, but I feel sure that the billing was reversed in England, where this film was shot by director Anthony Asquith. 411 more words


Second Looks: Errol and Olivia in 'The Adventures of Robin Hood' (1938)

King Richard (Ian Hunter) has left England to take part in the Crusades. The mission that would have made him a hero has instead turned him into a prisoner, when he is captured and held for ransom. 582 more words


Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (1944)

Ali Baba takes us into the beautiful world of Technicolor joined with the on screen adventures and romantic escapades of Jon Hall and Maria Montez. All brought to us in a splendid production via Universal Studios. 604 more words

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