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Olivia Dunham is my Spirit Animal

1. Olivia is serious; her smile does not come easily. (s3e09, Marionette) People tell me, even during depression remission, I need to smile more and I don’t have a sense of humor. 1,252 more words


Too Sick for a Clinical Trial

Too many feelings apparently…

I’m too high risk because of my past suicide attempts and current suicidal ideation, even though it is passive suicidal ideation. (Passive suicidal thoughts are ideas like: I wish I was dead. 187 more words

Mental Illness

A Trip to the Sensory Deprivation Tank: Comparing 'Fringe' and 'Stranger Things'

Alternate dimensions. Pseudo-scientific experiments. Children with strange powers. Isolation tanks. I could very easily be describing Netflix’s new wunderkind, Stranger Things, but I’m not: I’m talking about J.J. 561 more words

Golden Oldie: Fringe 

The show that never got cancelled…in the parallel universe.

I know what you’re thinking; that maybe a show that has only been off the air for a little over three years can’t be considered an Oldie, but trust me, for all of Fringe’s loyal fan base it feels more like 10 years have gone by.  530 more words


#tpt: Fringe

14 June 2016

Today’s Top Pick

I only have one pick for this week and it is the television show Fringe.  Airing from 2008-2013, … 447 more words

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