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REVIEW: Christmas with the Coopers (2015)

The intertwined stories of four generations of the Cooper family as they come together for their annual gathering on Christmas Eve.

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Life Itself

“Life will always be unpredictable and surprising” is the flimsy observation at the centre of writer-director Dan Fogelman’s self-important opus. Blissfully unaware of its own triteness, Life Itself examines the repercussions of a single traumatic event on four generations of the same family.
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Her (2013)

Elevator Pitch

A lonely writer of letters for the literally challenged, who is going through a divorce, forms a relationship with his computer operating system  which, it is claimed by the suppliers, will learn as it goes along, and when he chooses a female voice and the system chooses a name ‘Samantha’, the scene is set for a romance of sorts. 272 more words

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Movie Review: Life Itself

Fans of the weepy TV show THIS IS US will probably be excited to learn that the series’ creator, Dan Fogelman, has a new movie out. 914 more words


Celebrity Beauty Tips Infographic

For my infographic, I complied a collaborative beauty routine from several celebrities and models. The inspiration came from a Vogue.com video which presents 32 tips from celebrities regarding their skincare routine. 51 more words


Cowboys & Aliens (2011)

The western has had a long and turbulent history in American history, undergoing numerous changes as the attitudes of the time change too. Science fiction, however, still maintained an evergreen appreciation with the public. 615 more words


Turistas (2006)

Directed by John Stockwell.  Written by Michael Ross.  Starring Josh Duhamel, Melissa George, Olivia Wilde, Max Brown, Beau Garrett and Desmond Askew.

Plot: a group of really stupid people vacationing in Brazil run into horrific trouble after making a series of really stupid decisions… 179 more words