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Replaced by Olivia!

I don’t like Olivia.

It took a mere two days for Olivia to upset, create turmoil and completely shatter my fun-filled plans for the summer: swimming, playing catch with the Frisbee, taking walks, playing at the parks, going to the library, bowling, fishing, taking in some museums, and simply playing outside in the backyard. 635 more words

Olathe KS News

Olivia Fix

Tree climbing at the lake this weekend.


Erin Stoffel In Recovery, Husband Jonathan Stoffel, Daughter Olivia And Adam Bentdahl, Fatally Shot On Menasha, Wisconsin Bridge Before Gunman Sergio Valencia Del Toro Kills Self

MADISON, Wis.— The woman who survived a shooting that left four dead on a Menasha recreational trail bridge is awake and conscious, according to an update on the family’s GoFundMe page. 96 more words


Overlord's Robotic Legions - Demon

Olivia kept her eyes closed, concentrating on the whirring of the drone overhead through the walls of the lair. The old white concrete slabs had enough cracks in them near the ceiling for her to figure out its general location by sound alone. 2,877 more words

Stone Burners

Is Your Dog A Coprophagist?

Coprophagia or coprophagy is the comsumption of feces.
Coprophagy refers to many kinds of feces eating including eating feces of other species (heterospecifics), or other individuals (allocoprophagy), or its own (autocoprophagy). 501 more words


Day Two: Night Walk in Forest

Olivia (on the left):

“Last night we went on a night hike. We were not in the cloud forest, we just hiked around UGA’s forest. We still saw a lot of different animals on this small campus. 229 more words