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The first three weeks into the new year was a little tough getting into routine. I was spent the first week at home with my family for the holidays, I went on a juice cleanse, then got the flu. 292 more words


My Favorite Song

As we lay on the couch, probably watching another episode of Grey’s Anatomy, I lay my head on your chest. You sometimes run your fingers through my hair or scratch my back and I rest my hand on your chest. 138 more words

Olivia Holt - Perfect representation of how I feel about #History movin' o... Tom Wheeler

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How my pregnancy went...

First three months being pregnant was a little bit easy. Honestly, I did not get any nausea or any major sickness, aside from migraines for a week. 200 more words


Letter Twenty Two: you melt my heart...

Dear Olivia,

Today I’m writing to you for no particular milestone or reason, but simply because I have so much love for you that I feel like I’m going to burst. 266 more words

Love and Sacrifice

Our family grew by one again this past Christmas. It’s taken me this long to catch my breath and write about it, but here she is.   902 more words