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1 X Dance As Though No One Is Watching

Thus, if you would like a bit of inspiration to seek out your own, then you are in smart company. Great men and women throughout history have all had their personal rituals. 324 more words

Chakra Cleansing

About a little over a year ago I was introduced to Chakra¬†cleansing. I’m super into that “find your zen” and “eat all of these weird green things to become one with your mind” shtuff. 420 more words


She's the Man

“You know the percentage of bands that actually make it to the big time?

Probably the same as female soccer players…”

For Kanu Surf Baby Girls Olivia Chevron 1 Piece Swim

IThe installation manual of the steam shower offers tips on maintenance. Following these tips you can easily maintain your steam shower. In case you cannot do the cleaning and maintenance on your own you can contact the following people. 294 more words

On Recovery (Or, "What Will You Write About Now That You're Happy?")

(…) like many people here i write to purge. and with each cathartic piece of writing i attempt to ride out intense feelings of loneliness, sadness, anger, or depression.

947 more words

Monumental Corn

Having posted photos and stories of the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota, I thought I should also mention that Mitchell is not by any means alone in honoring corn in a big way. 213 more words


Pride 2.7: Raina


That was the number of people who were going to be at my father’s party.

It was also the number of people who I was going to kill. 2,104 more words