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To Parents Who Don’t Understand

I grew up with parents that constantly complained on how weak and fragile people today were. They would hear of someone who took his or her own life and the familiar track that they would always play would be either on how pathetic they were that they allowed their emotions to conquer and override every rational thought or on how petty he or she did it was. 332 more words


Interview: Phone as a Platform for Food

Born as Generation Y, commonly referred to as Millennials, this generation of people are familiar with the technology today as well as a time without or less developed during their childhood. 509 more words


Foreboding Future

What I foresee in the future is highly dependent on the content I am exposed to – movies, television, and so forth. It is a big influence on my mindset about the future and it does hold water in several aspects. 556 more words


Chapter 7

Max and Ted were already in class when Deets arrived on Thursday morning. She had immediately asked her parents if she could go to a sleepover at Kirsten’s house on Friday night but they refused. 824 more words


Prototype: Sweat Sleeve

Our future scenario in 2050 is a highly industrialised and technology dependent world where the working class is under tough working conditions. These conditions drain their body while their regular diet consists of food pills that meet their daily nutritional needs. 716 more words


Reflection from the clinic

In todays last class, we had a reflection clinic about the market and was interesting to hear everyones feedback about the different markets. There was a lot of good feedback for our abandoned materials market however it seemed that the participants didn’t like the way finding as it came across confusing since it was spread across different levels which seemed like different entrances. 244 more words

Welcome to oliviagrams!

Hello everyone, my name is Olivia and this is officially my first post on oliviagrams. *squeals*

Honestly, I’m so excited to see where this blog is headed. 331 more words