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The Bachelor's Olivia Caridi to Haters: "You've Made Me Stronger Than Ever"

Fans of The Bachelor know that every season, there’s a villain, and this season’s villain was 23-year-old news anchor Olivia Caridi.

On Monday’s episode, much to the joy of fans and most certainly the other contestants vying for that final rose, bachelor Ben Higgins… Readmore..

Brace yourself 

Olivia has a completely new smile! After many months of braces, she’s celebrating with a bag of previously off-limits candy, provided by the orthodontist (?!…he must get a kickback from the dentist next door). 32 more words


Grow All You Can Eat in Three Square Feet

Grow All You Can Eat in Three Square Feet

Recommended by Olivia

Grow All You Can Eat in Three Square Feet is proof that you can grow fruits and vegetables even in the most restricted of spaces. 17 more words

Adult Books


So I wake up this morning and I can’t breathe through my nose. My lips are chapped as all hell and I still have the song “Olivia” by One Direction stuck in my head from when I watched the bachelor Monday night. 46 more words


Where did we leave off yesterday? Oh yessss, Leah was going down in a ball of flames and attempting to take our numero uno girl, Lauren B., down with her….not gonna happen. 2,053 more words


One Last Hope

“So you wanna be a skinny babe….well Woop-de-do.” “you run round and round the block, until you feel that just won’t do.” 

Have you been in this situation? 1,002 more words


Bachelor Week 6 - Still Think Olivia Can Win? Yeah, When Pigs Swim

From tonight’s previews, this is clearly the Olivia episode. Olivia’s mean, Olivia’s fake, Olivia’s here for the wrong reasons – and then, out of nowhere, Lovely Better Half says, “I think Jennifer is going home this week.” Come again? 2,630 more words