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Chapter 5: The One Where I Keep Catching the Bouquet

This past September my cousin got married. You know the tradition where the Bride throws the bouquet and one of many unmarried ladies catches it. Yeah, I was that lady. 337 more words


18 June 2017

Olivia’s Blümchen

Vati und Frau Reker, die OB


Is there a 'right way' to think and live?

Although China has had many violent periods in its history, there have not been wars fought in the names of the different belief systems that we have studied. 681 more words

Kreative Geburtstagspartys

Kaum sind Weihnachten vorbei, startet bei uns die Geburtstags-Saison: Mit Ausnahme von Patrick (2.Oktober), sind wir nämlich alle im ersten Quartal des Jahres geboren. Der erste Glückliche ist jeweils… 1,011 more words


My baby had her baptism already ❤Olivia is so beautiful. How the hell did I make such a beautiful angel? I love her more and more everyday. 35 more words

Chapter Four: The One About Tattoos

Yep. You read that right. I have tattoos. As a Catholic I have been told that I shouldn’t have tattoos because I am “ruining” the body God gifted me, but I think that if my tattoos mean something loving and positive to me then it shouldn’t really be that horrible. 555 more words


A Meditation That Shakes Things UP

By: Olivia 

Some people really aren’t the sit down and feel peaceful about the world sort of people. Sometimes, when I sit down to meditate I just want to roll my eyes and shout at the calming voice telling me to “breathe in and joy” and “breathe out hate”. 61 more words