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Arkana 2015

I was lucky enough to be at Arkana this year. A music festival at 3000m, safely nestled in the sacred valley. Trekked an hour to get there. 58 more words


The 4 best Inca ruins in Peru

Surely Peru is the Mecca of Inca ruins. It seems like everywhere you turn there is another well preserved marvel. Here are my four favourites. 1,388 more words


秘魯之旅 Day 6 - 熱水鎮 > Ollantaytambo

之後的時間沒有特別計劃, 只想到處走走看看, 看完Machu Picchu我覺得這趟旅程的主要目的已經完成, 接下來便是漫無目的的旅行, 慢慢收拾心情。當初規劃旅程其實是像寫小說一樣, 劇情一開始不斷鋪陳, 中間有些許小高潮, 直到Machu Picchu為最高潮, 再來慢慢走下坡, 最後結尾。

從熱水鎮到Ollantaytambo大概兩小時, 這次搭的是Inca rail, 想體驗兩家不同的鐵路公司。這班火車只有一節車廂, 是我搭過最短的火車, 不過內部還算精緻。 25 more words


Days 33-36: Sacred Valley pt. 2 and the Beginning of the Final Chapter

Between spotty wifi in the Sacred valley and zero wifi while trekking along the Inka Jungle trail to Machu Picchu, I have to apologize for falling behind in my posts. 567 more words

Going Home - Journey In Peru

As the mini-bus (taxi) commenced its journey through the Sacred Valley the spirits of the mountains were wrapping their reassuring arms around me. I was going home to my little story book town of Ollantaytambo. 675 more words


Inca Trail: Part 1

We drive up to see the White Christ just outside of Cusco, and then the bus breaks down.

Still, They had a new one out within 10 minutes, which was pretty impressive. 499 more words