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Made In Chelsea S11 E3: "Latin is virtually my mother tongue"

There are two very important things to learn from this episode:

1) Steph is 100% in the right and everyone has blown this comment she made RIDICULOUSLY out of all proportion! 820 more words

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Made In Chelsea S11 E1: “You boinked? You bonked?”

Well, my goodness, I’m blushing (not really).

Literally the first thing to happen in this new season of Made In Chelsea is a close up of Wheeze’s creamy thigh, and a disrobement from Binky. 866 more words

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Made In Chelsea star Ollie Locke to 'get into the deeps of anal' for new sex show

If you have any sex problems in your live then Made In Chelsea star Ollie Locke could be about to, uhh, ride to your rescue in a new show – and the first topic he is delving into is anal.  307 more words


Made In Chelsea S10 E10: “He is tinsel”

Christmas is here! Saddle up, put on those boots and get out your riding crop. Then go horse riding.

Wheeze and Ollie are comparing cantering atop a stallion to sexual intercourse. 733 more words

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Made In Chelsea S10 E9: "I couldn't even finish my Nando's"

Ollie wants to take Tiff up the Shard. Rosie doesn’t care or want to hear about how he’s romancing a Watson given Lucy’s past interference in the Tiff/Rosie/intern situation. 631 more words

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Made In Chelsea S10 E8: “Georgia asked that big blonde out”

Within seconds of this episode starting, Harney has physically assaulted Jamie on a bicycle. It looks pretty harsh actually and although everyone’s laughing about it I wouldn’t be surprised if shortly after filming he had to be taken to the Portland (for a caesarian). 754 more words

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