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Made In Chelsea SOF E6: "You're over that whole scenario with that ginger boy right?"

The final blog of this season of MIC is painfully late because I was on my death bed AKA had a glandular infection. I couldn’t bring myself to watch such TV gold in that state, so apols, yah? 623 more words

Andrew & Chelsea

Ollie Locke reveals shocking weight loss after Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls ordeal

Ollie Locke has revealed a startling two and a half stone weight drop caused by appearing on Bear Grylls’ new show.

The 28-year-old reality star took part in Celebrity Island as part of Channel 4’s Stand Up To Cancer programming schedule. 428 more words


Ollie Locke's poo 'turned to Angel Delight' during filming of The Island With Bear Grylls

While on Celebrity Island With Bear Grylls Ollie Locke’s poo turned to ‘Angel Delight’ and we’re never touching the butterscotch one ever again.

If you’re a fan of the retro pud perhaps stop reading here, because otherwise next time you have a bowl of the stuff you might be faced with the thought it resembles what Ollie produced after spending time with Bear. 484 more words


Made In Chelsea SOF E5: "The braid connects you with Mother Earth"

Frolicking amid the French lavender, Wheeze reveals that she wouldn’t have puréed Alik’s heart into a loveless pulp if Ryan wasn’t on the scene. Ryan’s the Personal Trainer in case you’d forgotten (I had). 662 more words

Andrew & Chelsea

Made in Chelsea: South of France – Episode 5

Last week Olivia Bentley and Francis finally admitted that they wanted each other – leaving poor (bunny boiling) Toff out in the cold. Ollie and his nice French man decided that it’d be best if they were just friends, because long distance would be just too hard. 1,110 more words


Made In Chelsea SOF E4: "If you wake up and there's jodhpurs on the floor, you know you've had a good time"

Gracious! Victoria is kayaking! And the river water looks like it could easily be rat infested. She asks Wheeze about choosing between Alik and the big PT and suggests she thinks about who she’d rather throw off a boat or, in other words, murder. 678 more words

Andrew & Chelsea

Made in Chelsea: South of France – Episode 4

Francis has found himself in the position of having two women want him. He talked himself in to only wanting one of these two women because he thought that the other one had ‘friend zoned’ him. 1,300 more words