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"Martian fashion wear“ in Stone

Who modeled this helmet-wearing figure? It was made between 1150 and 100 BC, is 17cm high, was made of reddish sandstone and is supposed to represent an Olmek priest king. 120 more words

Ancient History

Design for Eternity Reviewed by CAA

See a review of our exhibition catalogue for “Design for Eternity: Architectural Models from the Ancient Americas, over at CAA Reviews.


Mesoamerican Warrior

This warrior design could come from any of the various civilizations of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. The Aztec and Maya are the most famous of these, but there were numerous others in the region such as the Olmec, Zapotec, Mixtec, and Toltec. 23 more words


Face of Stone

You’d be a little stone faced too if you’d been hanging around for four thousand years. This mask was made by the Olmec who lived in South-East Mexico from 1400 to 400 BC, around three thousand years before the Spanish encountered their civilisation (MacGregor 2008). 283 more words

Museo de Antropologia, Xalapa

The reason I came to Xalapa and I'm sure the reason most tourist come here is to visit the world famous Museo de Antropologia, the home of the giant Olmec heads. 221 more words

Concocting dreams

You have to do a lot of unusual things as a carer. Almost as many unusual things as when you are a parent. In neither role, though, do you expect to be required to supply your son with mind-altering substances, yet that is exactly what I have been tasked with doing this week. 558 more words


True or False?

Welcome to our daily true or false questions about varying archaeological topics.

True or False: The Olmecs emerged before the Aztecs.

Answer: True! The Olmecs emerged before the Mayans, and the Mayans emerged before the  Aztecs. 50 more words