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expressive and emotional Olmec mexican sculptures from the hundred years BC

it’s impressive that they are from 200 300 BC
look at the powerful emotions on these sculptures


Tabasco, on the footsteps of the Olmec civilization

On my way from Mexico City to Chiapas, I visited two incredible sites in the state of Tabasco: el Parque-Museo de la Venta and the… 267 more words


Chills and Hot Chocolate

Winter.  This year, a mean polar vortex has left a trail of record-low temperatures across the United States.  It’s lethally cold outside.  Inside, something hot is needed.   166 more words


New York: Manhattan: The American Museum Of Natural History

The beginning of a new series where every time we visit the American Museum of Natural History, we talk about one of the exhibits that catches our attention. 6 more words


The Heavens are Telling..Aren't They?

Immortal but not Everlasting –What are the Heavens Telling?
Advent 16
Eggless Egg Salad Wrap

Ask anyone about ancient Egypt and the subject of mummies will be discussed. 1,122 more words

The legend of the brother's shields

For those who had never heard of it there was a show in the nineties called Legends of the Hidden Temple and me growing up in this era I wanted to be on it. 527 more words