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Olmec Egyptian

This woman’s ancestry would be a mix between the ancient Egyptian and Olmec ethnic groups, with her attire honoring both halves of her heritage. What I basically wanted to do was combine the Egyptian and Mesoamerican cultures and represent them together in the form of one individual. 32 more words


Featured Paper - Midweight Glossy & Satin

Featured Product this month is the Olmec Midweight Glossy & Satin 240gsm RC inkjet paper. This is a great value everyday paper for all your inkjet Photo printing needs. 40 more words

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Great Pyramid’s secret rooms revealed: Two mysterious ‘cavities’ are uncovered in Egypt’s 4,500-year-old monument

  • Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the seven wonders of the  ancient world
  • It has three known chambers and was built as a Pharaohs tomb…
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Week 2

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Relic Hunting:

We studied the Olmec culture. We added drawing to our relic hunting sketchpads and sculpted Olmec heads. 153 more words

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¡Viva México!

Although Mexico has a history that goes way back they are a relatively younger nation, having only fully gained their independence in 1821.  Their history may be a violent one, but they had to go through a lot to be where they are today. 838 more words


Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico, 22-25 August 2016

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Museo Nacionale de Antropologia.

Tenochtitlan. 34 more words


The Olmec were not African

There are many people who claim that the Olmec of Mexico are Africans who have occupied the Americas before the Colombian  Exchange. That’s simply 1000% wrong. 217 more words