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Museo de Antropologia, Xalapa

The reason I came to Xalapa and I'm sure the reason most tourist come here is to visit the world famous Museo de Antropologia, the home of the giant Olmec heads. 221 more words

Concocting dreams

You have to do a lot of unusual things as a carer. Almost as many unusual things as when you are a parent. In neither role, though, do you expect to be required to supply your son with mind-altering substances, yet that is exactly what I have been tasked with doing this week. 558 more words


True or False?

Welcome to our daily true or false questions about varying archaeological topics.

True or False: The Olmecs emerged before the Aztecs.

Answer: True! The Olmecs emerged before the Mayans, and the Mayans emerged before the  Aztecs. 50 more words


Mayans to Mars

Chocolate has endured a significant transformation throughout the ages. The consumption of cacao began in ancient Mesoamerica, the land of the Aztecs and Mayans, to today produced by chocolate corporations, such as Hershey and Mars, and distributed worldwide. 1,357 more words


Ancient Cities of the Maya: Ek' Balam, Chichén Itzá, Edzna, Palenque

24 Dec 2016-13 Jan 2017. From Don: I have to admit that I’m generally lazy when it comes to researching the history of the places that Alison and I visit all over the world. 1,484 more words