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Ancient Cities of the Maya: Ek' Balam, Chichén Itzá, Edzna, Palenque

24 Dec 2016-13 Jan 2017. From Don: I have to admit that I’m generally lazy when it comes to researching the history of the places that Alison and I visit all over the world. 1,484 more words


Jade, More Precious Than Gold

No stone was ever more important to the Mayan people than their precious Jade. In fact, the Maya believed it to be more desirable than gold. 127 more words



01-28- Jadeite #7.

Last day for the Jadeite. Even the atoms look like they want to run away from their cell – i.e. the large structure in the background. 60 more words

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01-27- Jadeite #6.

I reduced the number of lattices to 10-5-10. That’s still a lot of atoms in that plate. Which brings a Feng Shui dilemma  – how do you best position a jadeite cell structure within a self-contained,  circular environment? 19 more words

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01-26 – Jadeite #5.

I am not a trained scientist but I suspect one of the reasons why Jade is so hard – there are too many atoms per cell! 57 more words

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01-25. Jadeite #4.

A Jadeite cell is a very intimidating structure ( background). It also can be minimal (foreground) – or playful (lower right).  The essence of the crystal is hiding somewhere between these lattices. 15 more words

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01-24- Jadeite #3.

Yesterday’s adventure was so unsettling, I had to try again! This time I picked a jade slab from Central America and build my design around it. 51 more words

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