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One Line Sunday- Busy Sunday

Taking a shower, do the dishes and now I have to hurry to catch the bus, so it’s been a busy Sunday.


One Line Sunday- Dorm Sunday

Now I have to come to the dorm on a Sunday which means my weekend came and went too fast because they changed the bus schedule.


One Line Sunday- Year 2017

Have a happy new year 2017 and enjoy it as much as you can.




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One Line Sunday- Christmas Day

In Finland and other Nordic countries, we opened our possible presents yesterday, on Christmas Eve so you who get theirs on Christmas Day, I hope you got what you wished for.


One Line Sunday- Advent calendar Day 18

Christmas is here in 6 days and there’s no time to be moody.


One Line Sunday- Advent Calendar, Day 11

This is nothing mystical but I’m going back to school on Monday for a week and after that two weeks of Christmas holiday which I look forward to because we’re going to Riga by ship.