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Introduction to Regression Analyses

Regression analysis is one of the basic analytics techniques that one can use in uncovering insights from data. Simplistically, it is all about deriving the relationships between a predicted variable, typically called Y, and one or more predictor variables, typically called X (or X1, X2, X3, … Xn). 96 more words

Linear Regression

One Line Sunday- Ascend

I wonder when it’s my turn to ascend the career ladder or is my destiny to be out of work the rest of my life.

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One Line Sunday- Superficial people

What I dislike the most are superficial people who look down on you because you don’t look like their unrealistic beauty standards and criticises your looks with their negative comments.

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One Line Sunday- Popular blog

Becoming a popular blog among thousands of readers have never been my goal but a comment or two would be nice and there hasn’t been any lately which is a shame.

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One Line Sunday- Pamber yourself

Solitude is the best when you can pamper yourself with things you like and no one else is there to tell you what to do.


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One Line Sunday- Sting's musical

Sting‘s musical “The last ship” is being shown in my local renovated theater and the man himself will be coming to see the play.

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