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One Line Sunday- Partake a hobby

Instead of doing drugs, smoking or drinking alcohol, partake in a healthy hobby instead or you will end up like the Swedish DJ, Avicii who passed away at 28.

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Omitted Variable Bias: Violation of CLRM–Assumption 3: Explanatory Variables must be exogenous

One reason why the omitted variable leads to biased estimates is that omitting a relevant variable violates assumption 3 of the necessary assumptions of the classical regression model that states that all explanatory variables must be exogenous, i.e. 218 more words


One Line Sunday- Rainy Sunday

I got caught out in the rain today so this song is really suitable for the rainy Sunday afternoon that was.

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One Line Sunday- Do not thwart

Don’t try to thwart other bloggers to stop blogging just because you don’t agree with them.

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One Line Sunday- April Fools Easter

Happy Easter everyone, haha, April Fools, it’s Easter Day :-D


Ols - Mszarna

 Any neofolk album is a bold move in it of itself if you ask me. Many musicians dare to try and embody nature and bring it into a format that can properly convey the beauty, tenacity, and the violence of nature to varying degrees of success. 471 more words


One Line Sunday- Happy Bday Dad/Lee Pace

I have to swallow first before saying, Happy birthday to Dad (and Lee Pace) and we celebrated it with a cruise to Stockholm so greetings from there.

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