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One Line Sunday- Nole Wins!

I can’t watch tennis on TV anymore so I didn’t see Novak Djokovic win his 11th Grand Slam which he won in Australian Open today, so congratulations.


One Line Sunday- Melted snow

One day the snow is here and over -15 celsius, the next rain arrives taking it all away :'(


One Line Sunday- My Instagram

I’ve got a tablet now which means I can use Instagram so if anyone likes can follow me there.


One Line Sunday- The program

I was so looking forward to see The Program but now it won’t be shown in the theaters over here after all and that sucks.


One Line Sunday- Fandoms

The best fandom I’ve ever been in is ‘The Blacklist’ one because there are real conversations about the show and not who’s the prettiest character.

Writing Challenges

One Line Sunday- It's Christmas

Christmas is not about how many presents you get, it’s about the spirit and caring about other people’s well-being.