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One Line Sunday- AVIDity

I’m not really avid about what’s coming next in the web design education and I’m worried I won’t pass the test but I just have to believe I will.



One Line Sunday- Climbing up

Climbing up the ladder to success is hard work and you only achieve it by having great confidence but I don’t think I have what it takes to do so.

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One Line Sunday- Grammarly

Grammarly is a very useful tool when you want to learn better English and it even works on Word so your grammar will improve enormously.


One Line Sunday- A pause

I think I have to pause this blog for a while because I have to concentrate on the job learning and there are 5 weeks left of it so I’m quite busy.

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One Line Sunday- Birthdays


Yesterday it was my father’s birthday (and Lee Pace) and today my big sister would have turned 44 but somethings are not meant to be.


One Line Sunday- Conquer

On Monday it’s time to conquer the web designing process on my own without the teacher’s help, so wish me luck.

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One Line Sunday- Murmuring

Some people say I sometimes murmur but I think I speak clearly and I’m just misunderstood.

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