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One Line Sunday- Holiday

Even a short holiday do you good and that’s what I’ll do.


One Line Sunday- Unfollowers

Maybe my blog has lost its shimmer since some are unfollowing me but it doesn’t really matter because I will continue blogging despite that.

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One Line Sunday- So in lust

I’ve never been in love but in lust, a lot of times and I am at the moment but unfortunately, it’s with two men I can’t have.

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One Line Sunday- Harmonize weather

I can’t harmonize with Finnish media about the heat wave that is arriving in Finland because I hate hot weather and whoever likes it are fools.

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One Line Sunday- WP followers

I have now reached the 400th follower’s mark (404 to be exact) on WordPress so thank you for doing so and I hope you all enjoy your stay.


One Line Sunday- Valtteri Bottas

It must be a savage for Lewis Hamilton fans to see his team-mate Valtteri Bottas taking the upper hand after winning the Austrian GP.


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