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One Line Sunday- Bottle of water

Summer has arrived to Finland and a bottle of water is your best friend because without that you would pass out of the hot weather.


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Why Tobit models are overused

In my field of research we’re often running regressions with innovation expenditures or sales with new products aon the left-hand side. Usually we observe many zeros for these variables because firms do not invest at all in R&D and therefore also do not come up with new products. 544 more words


One Line Sunday- Nadal Triumph

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal won his 10th French Open and that’s a triumph to be proud of.

Writing Challenges

From South Africa to BYU

As a child growing up in South Africa during apartheid, Curtis LeBaron, associate professor of organizational leadership and strategy, was exposed to the circumstances and attitudes that defined the era. 567 more words


One Line Sunday- Distant away

Even if you live a distant away from the UK, these terrorist attacks make you angry at these terrorist losers but you shouldn’t let them get to you because then they’ve won.

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One Line Sunday- Birthdays

One thing that I hate about birthday’s is getting older because it means there will be more problems ahead.