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One Line Sunday- Advent calendar Box 10

I’m so jolly right now because it’s snowing outside and it doesn’t even matter it’s wet.

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What is Courtesy Level Welsh?

PCS Branch Officers have had a few people asking us recently “What is Courtesy Level Welsh?”. This is the new phrase coming out of the Official Languages Scheme Working Group on Recruitment who are working towards the implementation of the new levels of Welsh within the Assembly Recruitment process from Summer 2018. 220 more words


One Line Sunday- Advent calendar box 3

Some people put Christmas decorations in their homes way before the holidays but I’m not on tenterhooks if I don’t have any at all because it’s about the people you spend it with.

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One Line Sunday- Underdog

I’m tired of being the underdog of everything and never winning is not much you want to percussive the drum for.

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One Line Sunday- Picky

I’m picky in clothing, in what I eat, choosing an occupation and especially particular in what kind of people I become friends with.

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Degrees of Freedom and OLS First Order Conditions

This post contains an example which shows why a degree of freedom is lost each time a regressor is added to an OLS model. The OLS first order conditions, and thinking about OLS as a series of partial derivatives which minimize the sum of squared residuals, are the foundations behind the posted Stata code. 656 more words

One Line Sunday- Father's day

Today it’s Father’s Day in Finland and if you don’t have a father, this day might be black but for those have one, never take them for granted.

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