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Children value ideas over labor

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Li, V., Shaw, A., & Olson, K. R. (2013). Ideas versus labor : What do children value in artistic creation ? COGNITION, … 432 more words


Starting an idea and inviting people to join

I have always been fascinated in the things that bind us and names are one thing. People have dispersed across the world and taken family names, favorite names, and county of origin names with them. 88 more words


How do I do this "work out" thing?

I am not athletic. I’m just putting that out there as a fact. If you’ve ever seen me on a treadmill, then you’re aware that I have this almost impressive ability to make everyone around me feel uncomfortable. 189 more words

The Yin and Yang of Memorization in Math

A big reason I hated math in high school was that I struggle with memorization and am still a part of those who have been brought up with the ‘memorize facts and equations and wait too late to teach genuine application’ school of training; hopefully CCSI will address this problem the way it’s proponents are promising. 514 more words

Math Education

Family Time

For me, July 4th, the US Independence day, is synonymous with family. It’s my favorite holiday of the year because the extended family gets together for food and fellowship. 20 more words


The War On God

The old adage says: “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you,” but we might also say, “Don’t slap away the hand that protects you.”  Sadly, it now appears the politically correct American military is doing just that. 660 more words