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Natalie Kenly Hates on Bree Olson, Defends Charlie Sheen

Natalie Kenly continues to stand up for Charlie Sheen.
The former “goddess” – who dated Sheen in 2011 during the height of his warlock days – said soon after Sheen revealed his HIV diagnosis that she harbored no ill will toward him.

Kenly explained that Sheen… readmore..

Charlie Sheen Did Not Tell Bree Olson About His HIV Because...

Through his manager, Charlie Sheen has a very simple message for Bree Olson:
Calm the heck down.

As anyone with an Internet connection and/or a television set knows by now, Sheen admitted to Matt Lauer on Tuesday morning that he has HIV. 9 more words

Charlie Sheen: Bree Olson is a Liar & I'm Leaving the Country!

It’s been quite a day for Charlie Sheen. It all kicked off this morning when Sheen revealed that he’s HIV positive in an interview with Matt Lauer. 22 more words

Children value ideas over labor

Text #15

Li, V., Shaw, A., & Olson, K. R. (2013). Ideas versus labor : What do children value in artistic creation ? COGNITION, … 432 more words


Starting an idea and inviting people to join

I have always been fascinated in the things that bind us and names are one thing. People have dispersed across the world and taken family names, favorite names, and county of origin names with them. 88 more words


How do I do this "work out" thing?

I am not athletic. I’m just putting that out there as a fact. If you’ve ever seen me on a treadmill, then you’re aware that I have this almost impressive ability to make everyone around me feel uncomfortable. 189 more words