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Shaking Up the FTTP Industry

Every once in a while I see something in the equipment market that surprises me. One of my clients recently got pricing for building a gigabit PON FTTP network from the Chinese company ZTE. 710 more words

The Industry

Liceul Tehnologic Constantin Filipescu sponsorizat de caracalenii din diaspora!

La mijlocul acestei luni, 14 iunie a.c., la Liceul Tehnologic Constantin Filipescu, din municipiul Caracal, au ajuns 14 colete cu jucarii şi haine din Anglia, prin contribuţia caracaleanului Nick Radu. 396 more words


Issue: While playing back through OLT, the databank setup for the records state: Records -1 (can’t be indexed)


  1. Log into the OLT Server
  2. Go to the Workspace> Script> databank folder
  3. Delete .csv.index.3 and .sync files
  4. Try to setup the databank through OLT again

Issue: On Playback, you receive an error message stating: Unexpected end of variable found

Step 1: View > OpenScript Preferences
Step 2: Increase the threshold of large data

Step 3: Increase the Maximum Download size

Step 4: Record the script again



Noua taxă de parcare din Slatina – Primăria şi edilul Emil Moţ vor pierde!!!

Recent edilul Emil Moţ a iterat faptul că: Au fost stabilite tarifele pentru abonamentele parcării rezidenţiale. Slătinenii vor plăti 240 lei, annual.

Adică, plateşte tu slătinean prost ca să fac eu punga mare! 250 more words


Issue: The test ran fine but no runtime statistics were captured after a certain point

Reason: If you have been running a lot of Load Tests then chances are Oracle XE database is full. The Oracle XE database is installed along with OATS and is used as the backend for storing session data. 323 more words


Issue: On Playback, you receive an error message stating: JWG file does not exist


Step 1: Change to Developers Perspective
Step 2: Project > Clean

Step 3: Project > Build All