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Day 11: Nansubuga Nagadya Isdahl

“My goal is to focus on crafting stories for global audiences inspired by my Ugandan heritage. Set primarily in East and Southern Africa, my stories aim to illuminate the everyday and diverse experiences of African children, while celebrating human universality.” says Nansubuga Nagadya Isdahl on… 993 more words

Day 1: Useni Eugene Perkins

Poet, playwright, and youth development professional Useni Eugene Perkins has a long history of distinguished work; it was some time before one of his most well-known poems was publicly known to be his, even though… 892 more words

Voices of Change: A Parent Speaks

by Brenda Payne Whiteman

I love my blackness
Good to know who I am
Hailing from my parents’ and ancestors’
Collective womb
Nurturing, strong and proud… 266 more words

Voices of Change: Youth Speak


-by A, 13

Strove through strife
A motto for Black children
Blackness is excellence
We are not too dark to be noticed
It is not a reason for abuse… 213 more words

Voices of Change: A New Series on the Brown Bookshelf

“As we struggle to bridge the chasm and search for common ground, we must remember our strength, show our resilience and think of the children.” 830 more words

Sweet Blackberry: Karyn Parsons Is Sharing Stories We All Need Now

It seems like Karyn Parsons was born to start Sweet Blackberry, the non-profit organization dedicated to bringing little known stories of African American achievement to light. 1,276 more words