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Does Organic Food Turn You into a Jerk?

Are these strawberries organic? Is this omelette made with free-range eggs? Can you swap out the rice for quinoa? Is this kale locally sourced? Pesticide-free? Fair trade? 364 more words

Food & Drink

Study: Bees Have Distinct Personalities

Think all bees are drones? Far from it.

Some bees are thrill-seekers while others prefer to hang around the hive, according to new research published in the journal… 322 more words


Mean Girls Explained: Why Disliking The Same Things (Or People) Spells Friendship

A new study shows what teenage girls have known for decades–being mean can be a surefire way to make friends. 239 more words


What Your Dance Moves Say About Your Personality

When you dance, people can now judge not only your bad moves, but also your correspondingly bad personality. Ready to hit the floor? 180 more words